Artemis App

Artemis app broken - is the project still alive?

I've enjoyed using Artemis even though I can't login through it (I'm on kbin). It's been interesting to be a pure lurker instead of an avid commenter like I was on the former site. In the past couple of days, though, Artemis has failed to fetch any new content. Deleting the iOS app and reinstalling through Testflight does...

I wonder what microblogging will look like in Artemis.

Microblogs are an interesting thing. I was never able to get into Twitter or Mastodon because it feels so disorganized and chaotic to me. That said, I think microblog compatibility is low key one of Kbin’s best features with a lot of potential. The problem is that right now it seems like kbin doesn’t really know what to do...

New neon theme in upcoming public beta, with blocker bugs fixed and submitted for review (

Attached: 1 image New neon theme for #ArtemisApp is my favorite ❤️ Just in time for public beta. Finished the build and submitting for review. Will post back once it’s ready in a day or two 🚀 #kbin #kbinapp #threadiverse #redditmigration #apollo

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