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You can use the url structure kbin.social/d/instance.com

From there you can use the block function

I don’t know if it’s bidirectional, though

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Yeah, that seems to be the case for a lot of filters right now :/

Like I have “hide adult content” checked, but browsing All is still peppered with porn.

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Also not a fan of this if it’s intentional.

My current understanding is that a boost is meant to be the equivalent of a retweet, but I did the same as you, and now I want my test boost gone.

It should at least be undoable/deletable, imo. I would like full control over the content in my profile.

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Same issue here. For some reason, kbin doesn’t like lemmy.ca? Tried all the tricks to get it to load ontario@lemmy.ca but nothing works.

Yet, I guess.

I know we’re in early beta and they’re doing their best. They must be completely overwhelmed right now.

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I mean, I have a stockpile of 8000 "free" coins to get rid of before I nuke my account. Might as well go towards depriving reddit of ad revenue.

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My absolute best days start with a ride.

Wake up 5:30 with a strong coffee, have a protein shake & banana, hit the bathroom, and I’m usually on the bike by 6:30

It’s so hard to fit everything in, though. I also run and train olympic weightlifting… and like to kayak when I can. Being an early morning person is the closest thing I have to a secret weapon.

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