Shimano recalls 760,000 Hollowtech road cranks after receiving 4,500 incident reports (

Shimano says 760,000 11-speed Hollowtech road cranksets will need to be inspected for signs of delamination. The affected cranks — Dura-Ace and Ultegra models manufactured prior to July 2019 — can separate and break; the company has received reports of 4,519 incidents of cranksets separating, and six reported injuries,...

“How to not die at the Foot of the Walk – A Guide”: Cyclists slam “misleading, death trap” layout on notorious cycle lane; Attack the traffic! Thomas Voeckler to voice driving navigation app during Tour de France + more on the live blog (

Four days to go, four days to go… The Tour de France is fast approaching and Ryan Mallon is hoping he can just about contain his excitement on Tuesday’s live blog

Flats vs Clip less for long distance.

I've been riding clip less all last season and until last week I decided to switch to flats. Last week I decided to switch to flats to see if I can improve ride comfort. I was surprised during my first ride. It felt weird and I maintain the same technique as if I was in clip less minus the pulling up the pedal. I noticed that...

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