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Just like others, expat of Reddit. A nonconformist into all sorts of things that has a Mastodon account of the same name. Science, Technology, Entertainment, and Sports to name a few. And of course FOSS and privacy that borders on obsession. Definitely a tinfoil hat type. Following interesting things and trying to be a good person.

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I agree Wagnaria/Working!!! is awesome. I would like to add Yuru Yuri and The World God Only Knows

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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (2015) by Wit Studio (Same studio as Attack on Titan) - 12 Episode period piece set in late 1800s Japan during the Shogunate. An action/ horror anime with zombies basically

Little Busters (2012) by J.C. Staff - 2 Seasons + OVAs. A nice slice of life anime about friendship and the personal struggles that people go through. Can also be mysterious and supernatural.

Also this is my first post ever on kbin. I hope that this platform and magazine succeed. I'll try not to be too much of a lurker 😆

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