I'll try to reproduce this and look into tightening the error handling. A 404 error should imply that the magazine is not available at the remote. Are those magazines available at the target instance? Agree that those should at least be added to the log--perhaps should add a third category for "Unavailable." Remember that it will also navigate you to the magazines list at the end for visual confirmation.

When you said community subscription, were you referring to something in particular, or just using this term generically to refer to magazines?


Hmm, this is a good finding. Just on a cursory review, I had a look at the magazines list on fedia, and it does list magazines with zero threads, comments, posts, or subscribers on them (on other instances other than So maybe you've discovered a problem with's federation? I don't know too much about this issue, so this is just my initial reaction before looking into it further.


Looks like Safari's clipboard API doesn't function in the typical fashion, I will have to make some changes


I have made some modifications that should prompt you to click a button to copy the contents to the clipboard, rather than doing it automatically. This is done because Safari only permits modifying the clipboard if there was direct user interaction. Can you try again?


No, it does not. Could be added, in theory.


Addressing your issue, I have bumped the version number to 0.1.3 and made a change to the async method handling so that instances not available at the remote get added to the fail log correctly.

This doesn't explicitly address the fact that some instances are unfederated, but it will make the log results clean.

As for the federation issue, what I've initially found is that a user on an instance has to visit the remote instance for the home instance to be aware of this remote instance, and a user (could be a different user) has to subscribe to that instance for the posts to start federating. What is unclear is how a user on an instance visits a remote instance from the home instance, as this is implementation-specific and could vary from instanc to instance.


A bit late, but I saw your post and decided to make a tool for this. Hope this helps.


If using KES, check General > Add mail iconto append an icon/label next to a username to directly message them. (If on the same intance as you)


Sorry if I forgot to ping you directly. I figured I would just patch the issue right away, rather than holding it off for the next release.


I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on a default kbin setup with KES either on off. The "always expand post bodies" feature of KES only applies to bodies, but I could extend it to support comments as well so that they auto-expand. What I didn't observe was any situations where the expansion bar obscures the text. Do you have a screenshot of that?

Are you running a custom theme?

shazbot, (edited )

Thanks for looking into this. I've been meaning to audit this mod, but was a bit busy this week. In light of this report, this seems like as good a time as any.

Unfortunately, the mod is no longer maintained by the original author, so I'll have to inherit it and refactor it. I feel it is overengineered for what it attempts to do, so it should be streamlined and the aforementioned issues fixed. I am also aware of the issue that the mod fails to unset itself properly when turned off. I am really not satisfied with its current functionality.

Root cause analysis and solutions are described in a subsequent comment


I understand the root cause now, will ping you again once this feature is working as expected.

shazbot, (edited )

@Pamasich @speck

I have completed an audit of the mod and observed the following issues:

  1. Does not properly unset classes and restore the page to an intact state when turned off: this was having the side effect of making the threaded lines look incorrect when toggling on/off in place. The mod should not leave dangling containers around after it is toggled off. The mod creates an outer container so that the "expando" lines flow all the way down through the child elements, but when turned off, these child elements need to be moved back out of the container to be adjacent to each other and the container removed. => Fixed locally.

  2. Does not properly unset event listeners attached to nested comments. Same as above, tends to leave dangling listeners and does not unset itself cleanly. => In progress.

  3. Because it physically manipulates the DOM and moves sub-comments into their own container down the tree, triggers an event (likely a bug) on Kbin's side whereby any time the DOM is updated for that element, Kbin appends a more element (text expansion button) if the text overflows a certain length, even if a more element is already present. You can test this by creating a dummy div above or below a long comment and then moving the long comment before or after that div. Simply moving its position in the DOM will trigger the creation of another more element inside. And because the mod puts each comment into its own container for the purposes of threading nested chains of comments, this will trigger the creation of as many mores as there are indendation levels. So for a comment chain 5 replies deep, there will be 5 mores. This is further exacerbated when toggling the mod on and off, since these mores are not getting wiped and will just keep getting stacked up. Since this is also an upstream issue, our only alternative here is to walk through the tree and remove the extraneous more elements after nesting occurs. This is similar to your CSS solution, but instead of masking them, physically deletes them, otherwise we will have a constantly growing tree of mores every time nesting happens. I guess this should also be reported upstream as well. Kbin seems to expect no DOM manipulation to occur, which is reasonable, I suppose, but might be better if the callback doesn't insert the more element at all if it's already present. => Easy fix on the Kbin side, in progress.



I have resolved the aforementioned issues with a hotfix on the testing branch; please test when time permits. Executive summary:

  1. The mod fully restores the DOM tree to its original state when toggled off. It is now possible to toggle the mod on and off on the same page without reloading, and changes will behave as expected.
  2. For reasons of security, the mod no longer allows clicking the post headers or post body as a means of collapsing/expanding comments. This was attaching unnecessary listeners to elements on the page, with no way of clearing them when toggled off (besides hard refreshing). Now the only approved way of expanding/collapsing is to use the +/- icon or colored bars.
  3. The mod erroneously modified the CSS of profile pictures to give them rounded borders, which was unspecified by its intended behavior and documented nowhere in the description. Now they conform to the standard square format.
  4. The superfluous mores are being removed now for comments with overflow text. What I thought would be a quick fix turned into hours, and I thought I was losing my marbles over this one for a long time, since the tree clearly showed numerous duplicate mores, but only one per comment was being shown at runtime of the script. At first, I did not seriously think that the mod was completing its runtime cycle prior to the duplicate mores being spawned, but indeed this is what was happening. For now, I have added a 20ms sleep before clearing the extra mores, and this seems to suffice to let them propagate before the mod can continue with the cleanup phase. This seems satisfactory for now, short of attaching observers to wait for the duplicate mores to appear.

I believe that covers everything. It should be possible to switch the mod on and off at will now and see no adverse effect.


You're right, looks like I missed something that was obscured by custom styling.

And good catch on the mores appearing on teardown. This mod is turning out to be quite a beast. Thanks for testing.


I had just forgotten something simple (unload the threaded comments CSS):


safeGM("removeStyle", "hide-defaults");


safeGM("removeStyle", "hide-defaults");
safeGM("removeStyle", "threaded-comments");

This is live on testing, but might take a sec to propagate due to GitHub's caching feature.

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