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Technologist, writer, admin of Fascinated by how new politics impacts technology and vice versa.

Huffman takes a "victory" lap: "As the AI era begins, Reddit is leaning into its humanity." (

The moderator rebellion is crushed, there are no longer any third party apps competing with the official Reddit app and Reddit seems to be as popular as ever.“It’s a nice time right now,” he says. “I think we’re executing really well.” In 2024, the company plans to focus on three pillars. 1. Maximizing ad revenue 2....

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Really good interview, well worth your time.

Bloomberg Reports Threads will not launch in EU "at this point." (

Attached: 1 image Bloomberg also reports that #Threads will not launch in the EU. Yesterday, the Irish Data Protection Commission said that Threads will not be rolled out in the EU "at this point". Now, Bloomberg also reports the same, stating that Meta is waiting on more regulatory guidance on the DMA. The EU is expected to...

Meta Platforms Inc.’s Threads app — the social network rolling out this week to take on Twitter Inc. — won’t be offered in the European Union as the company works out how data sharing between the new platform and its Instagram app will be regulated. 
Meta is waiting for more guidance around the Digital Markets Act, new EU competition rules that govern how large online platforms use their market power, a person familiar with the matter said, asking not to be identified discussing the company’s thinking. The European Commission is currently discussing the regulations with companies and is expected to give more guidance in September.
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Glad to see this new Magazing getting formed.

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Very appreciateive of all the work Ernest and everyone has done here.

Tim Chambers ( "Next Turn in the Road #RedditMigration July 1st Planning (

So for the #RedditMigration - the next turn in the road is July 1st. When the Apolo app goes dark. First thing: everyone should support @christianselig - buy merch, if you subscribe to the app decline your refund (see below)... But the #Threadiverse should also be ready. And any ways to do messaging, onboarding and welcoming...

Christian Selig ( "Goodbye, Apollo" Wallpaper Sets for Sale to Support Apollo. (

For those looking to buy the "Goodbye Apollo" wallpaper set, but not on iOS, you can now buy it online! Includes phone, tablet, and desktop wallpaper sizes! It's a beautiful way to support Apollo and get 20+ amazingly designed wallpapers. 💙🎉

Christian Selig ( "Really Important Apollo Update...." (

"I just released a really important Apollo update that adds the ability for users with remaining subscription time left to decline an automatic refund. Devs pay refunds out of pocket, and this will be about $250K, so I thank you for your consideration. ❤️ Also, this update includes an amazing "Goodbye Apollo Wallpaper Set”...

Apollo refund screen with the following header:

"Apollo will shut down on July 1, 2023 due to not being able to afford Reddit’s drastic and sudden API pricing increase.

Building Apollo for you has been the dream and journey of a lifetime. Thank you. ❤️ Please consider the option below to help with my out-of-pocket refund costs.

- Christian (u/iamthatis)”

Then with the option to decline a refund:

"If you've been happy with Apollo and don't need me to send a pro-rated refund out-of-pocket for remaining subscription time, please choose this option. I thank you.”

#Project92, the Fediverse: (First Time? Part 2) (

One more post about how things are going inside the Fediverse now that #Project92 has joined the Fediverse. I have two ideas: One is that the Fediverse has ALWAYS had to make hard choices about things like this, but we’ve always found a way. We’ll do it again. The sky isn’t going to fall, and there probably won’t be a...

jcb2016_, to RedditMigration

@RedditMigration Does this show up on kbin microblogging section?

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@jcb2016_ Yes.

"Kbin: covering all the current news and rumours out of Russia about Wagner, a possible coup, etc. Reddit: *crickets* Make of it what you will. 🤷‍♀️" (

Kbin: covering all the current news and rumours out of Russia about Wagner, a possible coup, etc. Reddit: crickets Make of it what you will. 🤷‍♀️

Slate article: "How CEO Steve Huffman went from being Reddit's co-founder to its much-needed savior at a difficult moment—and how he then became the villain..." (

took a deep dive into how CEO Steve Huffman went from being Reddit's co-founder to its much-needed savior at a difficult moment—and how he then became the villain at the center of Reddit's still-raging protests:

New report: on the #TwitterMigration and the #RedditMigration (

New research from my team on the #TwitterMigration: This is our 3rd quarterly update on which platforms are growing, new entries such as #BlueSky, #Substack Notes, #Nostr & all public data on Meta's #project92 Includes latest on the #RedditMigration, New polling, new posting data & more. Welcome any notes or feedback & boosts!...

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