Rewriting the Ruby parser (

At Shopify, we have spent the last year writing a new Ruby parser, which we’ve called YARP (Yet Another Ruby Parser). As of the date of this post, YARP can parse a semantically equivalent syntax tree to Ruby 3.3 on every Ruby file in Shopify’s main codebase, GitHub’s main codebase, CRuby, and the 100 most popular gems...

RubyConf 2023 in San Diego on November 13-15 (

Ruby Central, Inc. is proud to host its 23rd annual RubyConf conference in beautiful San Diego, California! RubyConf will span 3 days, with the first day dedicated to workshops and a hack day, followed by two days of talks, networking, and more. Early Bird tickets are now available on RubyConf.

Automatically Find Memory Leaks in Native Gems (

It’s not uncommon for Rails developers to encounter memory leaks, which causes the system to run out of memory and kill the app. Often, this is caused by native gems that forgot to clean up memory. Let’s fix this problem using ruby_memcheck, a gem that automatically finds memory leaks in native gems.

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