[ExplainingComputers] Explaining File Compression Formats (piped.video)

I imagine a lot of people who are into data hoarding already know a lot of this but I thought the video was pretty neat. It briefly talks about the history of different compression formats and provides a brief blurb about why you may want to use one or the other....

L'hôpital européen de Gaza sous les bombes : "La situation est chaotique" (piped.video) French

Imane Maarifi est infirmière, membre de la branche française de l’ONG PalMed (Palestine Medical). Elle est rentrée en France le 6 février après avoir passé deux semaines à Gaza, à l’hôpital européen situé non loin de Khan Younès. Invitée de France 24, elle raconte que plus de “30 000 personnes vivent dans cet...

Where are the good political songs? (piped.video)

I feel like there are lots of parallels between the eighties and now (recession/inflation, yuppies/inequality, skin-heads/fascists, hot-cold wars etc.) but there used to be protest music! Where is that stuff now? Music that’s intelligent and outraged - like we should be!...

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