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She / They blobhaj, flag, bisexual

Yuri lover with Touhou brainrot.

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We found one of the lucky ten thousands!

school of hard memes (mander.xyz)

I think people often underestimate the potential educational value of senseless memes. For example, thanks to Spiders Georg, literally every teenager on Tumblr has a reasonable grasp of what a statistical outlier is and the sorts of problems that outliers can introduce into a native analysts. There are grown adults who don’t...

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“Gender ideology” is as real as the boogeyman is real. It’s literally a conspiracy theory the right invented to scare themselves.

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Well, they can’t. And everytime you complain we make them gayer.

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Oh no, he figured out the sky is just a crusty jpeg!

Deploy the Illuminati agents.

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“In English, we don’t have a word for spicy” - Neil touchgrass Tyson at a linguistics conference.

I’m starting to suspect that being good at astrophysics doesn’t mean you’re automatically the best at everything else too.

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I think it was some panel about conlangs? (the inventor of Dothraki was there too). I wish I could find it again.

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“Keep political memes out of this community”

Bruh, have you seen the top posts?

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Tbh, idk even know much about the Israel Gaza thing… So I can’t speak to that.

If you are interested, there’s a new video from Shaun making the rounds that explains the situation in depth.


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