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SpicyPeaSoup, in Elon Musk criticises Ukrainian counteroffensive: So much death for so little
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Why doesn't he call for russia to stop its invasion?


Because then Putin would release his kompromat

PugJesus, in Elon Musk criticises Ukrainian counteroffensive: So much death for so little
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"Elon Musk demonstrates just how much he loves licking boots for his master, Putin"


Considering how hard and consistently he simps, I fully expect Putin has footage of Musk diddling kids.


“Everyone you hate is a pedophile” is just QAnon leaking to the masses

Hanabie, in Musk says he didn't turn on Starlink near Crimea due to US sanctions on Russia avatar

The US really need an alternative to this guy. If a private person with zero democratic legitimacy can influence wars in which the USA have picked a side, and support the enemy, mechanisms are needed.

BaroqueInMind avatar

The US military could've done the job, but it's mired down by Republicans in Congress trying to fuck with Biden.

It is Congress ultimately, not the President, who controls the military via budget decisions and provides permission for the military to conduct kinetic actions.


it's mired down by Republicans in Congress trying to fuck with Biden.

Not really. It's mired down with Republicans who want to do to the military what they've already done with the judiciary: keep the Democrats from promoting anyone so that the Republicans can stuff massive amounts of right-wing people in place as soon as they get a chance. Meaning that their next insurrection has a better chance of succeeding.

Fucking with Biden is just a bonus.


Republicans have spent a literal lifetime sabotaging the government at any opportunity so stuff can be privatized...

That's already the alternative, we don't need to find one. We just need to go back to taxing the wealthy, and using that money for public services.

Internet should be a public utility, and all the money we give to SpaceX should have went to NASA where the government would have gotten a return on investment from parents.

People laugh at how crazy the predictions of the future from 1960 was, but if we kept funding NASA we might all have hoverboards and flying cars by now. We got a lot of really cool shit from just a decade of NASA in their hey day.

blanketswithsmallpox, in Media: Nearly 100 Leopard 1 tanks stored in the open as Switzerland rejects transfer to Ukraine
blanketswithsmallpox avatar

Switzerland is not, and has never been neutral:

If you aid fascists, dictators, money laundering, and genocides, by taking both our and their money then you are no longer neutral lol.

Carrolade, in Zelensky: Ukrainian retreat looms without US support, ATACMS are ‘the answer’

Yeah, I get that he’s trying to be diplomatic about it, he’s a good president, but it’s not “bickering” holding up the aid. We’re used to “bickering”, we do it all the time. This is a stonewalling by a single political faction within our repub party, using whatever excuses come to hand to hide the simple fact that they support Russia.

muse, in GOP senators say Zelenskyy's attempts to convince them in person to keep supporting Ukraine did not work
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Hard to convince someone out of an opinion that they've been paid heavily into taking

PugJesus, in GOP senators say Zelenskyy's attempts to convince them in person to keep supporting Ukraine did not work
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The GOP is filled with traitors at this point.

CookieJarObserver, in Elon Musk criticises Ukrainian counteroffensive: So much death for so little

Typical for a fascist.

breadsmasher, in Legal action against Trump shows ‘rottenness’ of US politics, says Putin avatar

“russian puppet master complains his puppet is being held to account”

lps2, in Musk Secretly Used Starlink to Foil Ukrainian Drone Attack on Russian Ships: Report

The man is an enemy of the west and should be treated as such

lusterko, in Russia Blocks U.N. Inspectors at Occupied Nuclear Plant
lusterko avatar

Removed paywall:

Jaysyn, in ‘Yevgeny Prigozhin will never be discussed again’: Russian media to erase all traces of mutinous warlord
Jaysyn avatar

I love how desperate that makes Putin look. It's not like the other shithead can't use other forms of social media.

RedditWanderer, in Musk: Russia 'will certainly gain more land,' may seize Odesa

Who the fuck cares what musks says about Ukraine. He literally bought twitter to sell disinformation for dictatorships

zbyte64, avatar

Maybe something to do with him disabling starlink for a certain Ukrainian military operation AND rumors of Russia using starlink as well.


Those are not rumors any more.

lostgen, in Orbán says Ukraine should be “buffer zone” outside EU and NATO avatar

Why not take Hungary as buffer zone instead?

#ukraine #russia #war #eu #nato #hungary #orban #Ukraine_UA

lusterko, in One of the defenders of Mariupol during the shameful trial in russia
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This Alexander Zhukov, from Melitopol. One from 5.

Five Ukrainian men from the city of Melitopol have gone on trial in Russia accused of plotting acts of terrorism. Their Russian lawyers say the charges have no foundation, and they've been tortured.

Five men from the occupied Ukrainian city of Melitopol have gone on trial in Rostov-on-Don, accused of involvement in a underground terrorist group. Known as the Melitopol Five, the men were all taken from their homes in Ukraine by occupying Russian forces and forcibly transferred to Russia. Their lawyers say the charges against them have no basis and that the men have been subjected to torture. The men deny the charges and say they did not even know each other prior to their detention


Russia doing sham trials? Sadly that is something everyone is used to by now. Truly insane and shameful.


I’m surprised they were even given lawyers

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