It’s waaaaaaay less than half. And it only gets to half because you “need” a police report for many insurance claims that are crime related. Robbery, injuries, vandalism, etc.



Fear mongering gets clicks and views, so that’s what news/websites feed us 24hrs. We can blame them but really it’s our own fault.

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I like this gem:

The FBI publishes annual data on crimes that have been reported to law enforcement, but not crimes that haven’t been reported.

“We don’t know about things we don’t know about.” Yes, that’s generally how it works.


I suppose it is relevant to identify the known unknowns.

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Generally-speaking, people in the US are more-concerned about crime than last year, and generally-speaking, over time, each year, believe that crime is up.

Overall, crime has actually pretty substantially fallen over the past three decades.

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I am really disappointed in how crime is reported in the US. I think it contributes to the lack of police reform. If the average person actually had a good picture of what is going on, including with policing, we could have such a better situation in the US. More folks would be pushing for effective law enforcement reform.


Its very difficult to change peoples minds because the media strives to promote violence as the #1 news story most of the time.

The belief is ingrained and even data from FBI isnt enough to sway them

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“Nobody got mugged” doesn’t draw a lot of clicks.

And there’s the Summer of the Shark.


I had actually forgotten about that. Sept. 11 kinda over shadowed everything that happened in the 2000’s.

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