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Trump plans a trial tactic that 'did not go well for him' last time: former prosecutor #news

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'Assets are getting tied up': Attorney says Trump is financially and legally 'plummeting' #news

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'We rely on these events': Trump rally causes problems for historic small theater business #news

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Trump's Trial Begins Monday!

The judge in Donald Trump's hush money criminal case on Friday turned down the former president’s request to postpone his trial because of publicity about the case.

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Barred from entering Germany. Upon arrival in Berlin, Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah was told he could go no further nor join the conference where he was to present his evidence of genocide in Gaza. He was only given back his passport as he boarded his flight back to UK.

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From our magazine: Revenge farting on airlines? Tax dodging artists? And don't get us started on what's washing up on our beaches ... it's all in the latest installment of Strangest State!

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The murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman and the trial of O.J. Simpson forced America to talk about domestic violence. The 19th talked to experts about whether this changed anything in the longterm, as well as the "inescapable racial dynamics that shape the U.S. court system and the criminalization of Black men," write Nadra Nittle and Candice Norwood.

#News #OJSimpson #NicoleBrownSimpson #RonGoldman #Crime #DomesticViolence #UnitedStates #Race

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GOP lawmaker complaining about student debt relief gets a brutal reminder from White House #news

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WEEK 28: Manhattan, now


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Look at this.

Two days ago, someone bought $500,000 Zoetis, $ZTS, $160 puts expiring 04/19/2024.

Today, the stock dropped at most 10%, due to side effects of its drug being released.

They have not exited, yet, but have turned $500,000 into $10 million.

Someone always knows.

#news #finance #economics #stocks #options

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WEEK 28: Outside the German Embassy in London, now


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Trump trial triggers massive security operation in NYC: 'Threat is much bigger' #news

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This week has dealt a blow to Trump Media & Technology Group Corp, with the stock seeing a 25% decline coupled with the cost to short sell dropping markedly.

The dual hit suggests an increasingly cautious approach from investors towards the company represented by the former president's initials, DJT, which has plummeted over 38% since completing its merger with blank-check company Digital World Acquisition Corp in late March.
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"Thank you to the Reader who brought this to my attention."

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Belgium’s federal prosecutor has launched an investigation against members of the European Parliament allegedly paid by Moscow, and Prime Minister Alexander De Croo will bring the issue of Russian interference to the top of next week’s leaders’ summit, he said on Friday (12 April).

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida:

"Without U.S. support, how long before hopes of Ukraine would collapse under the onslaught from Moscow? ... How long before the Indo-Pacific would face even harsher realities?"
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As part of the fighter coalition, Norway is preparing to hand over 22 F-16s to Ukraine, 12 of which are already in serviceable condition - Nettavisen.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #EU #NATO

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O.J. Simpson may never have said the words Jay-Z put in his mouth, but they capture something interesting about O.J.’s place in America’s ongoing discussion about race.

#news #breakingnews #ojsimpson #BlackMastodon

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779th day of the war:

✅ Military personnel on the first line will be paid an additional 70 thousand hryvnia.

✅ Ukrainians were urged to save electricity.

✅ The car of a traitor, a former SBU officer, was blown up in Moscow.

✅ The government allocated another 3.8 billion for the construction of fortifications .

✅ Lukashenko said that Belarus will not go to war with Ukraine.
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Germany has told its citizens to leave Iran.

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"Google is temporarily blocking California-based news outlets’ content for some state residents, reprising a political tactic the tech industry has repeatedly used to try to derail such bills in places like Canada and Australia that require online platforms to pay journalism outlets for articles featured on their websites."

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Bell Gets Raked Over the Coals in Committee Over Job Cuts

It seems everyone is pissed off at Bell over their decision to cut jobs after getting their bailouts, Bill C-11, and Bill C-18.

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