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Title 8 and Title 18 already are active US laws that require citizenship for one to be allowed to vote. The Speaker of the House is failing all of us by focusing on problems solved in previous centuries instead of the problems we face today.

Call him and demand the bill supporting Ukraine get a vote: +1-202-225-4000

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Ukraine parliament passes bill to overhaul army draft rules

> Ukraine's parliament passed a bill on Thursday to overhaul how the armed forces drafts civilians into its ranks, after a general told the chamber that Russian forces outnumbered Kyiv's troops up ten times on the battlefield in the east.

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Oh, look who’s escalating the war again!? Sorry, it was Putin again, not the West!🤷‍♂️

Iran confirmed sending 400 heavy ballistic missiles to Russia to deploy in

But stupid Trump is under the spell of influencers telling US should have nothing to do with it, and the of the left are simultaneously telling it was all USA’s fault to begin with.

What can I say? Good propaganda really works!

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”The longer we tolerate Russia the more horrible the final confrontation will be”

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"Have a nice revolution"

23rd March 2014 as stated in EXIF. The Bell Tower Of St Anne's Church on Krakowskie Przedmieście.

Months earlier before I snapped this, the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine was nearing its end, beginning the period of a huge transition in that country. They just forced their pro-Russian president off the office and started writing entirely new page of their history.

I’ll be honest though: even though I followed the news at the time, I had no goddamn clue how incredibly significant all of that was. I can’t say I was paying attention while Russia was annexing Crimea. Everyone is a genius in hindsight but I can't say I had foresight back then.

And the 2014 me wouldn’t believe the 2024 me if I had said to him about February 2022.


🇺🇦 ❤️

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida:

"Without U.S. support, how long before hopes of Ukraine would collapse under the onslaught from Moscow? ... How long before the Indo-Pacific would face even harsher realities?"
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As part of the fighter coalition, Norway is preparing to hand over 22 F-16s to Ukraine, 12 of which are already in serviceable condition - Nettavisen.
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779th day of the war:

✅ Military personnel on the first line will be paid an additional 70 thousand hryvnia.

✅ Ukrainians were urged to save electricity.

✅ The car of a traitor, a former SBU officer, was blown up in Moscow.

✅ The government allocated another 3.8 billion for the construction of fortifications .

✅ Lukashenko said that Belarus will not go to war with Ukraine.
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Ukraine-Liveblog: ++ Scholz rechnet mit langem Krieg ++

Bundeskanzler Scholz geht davon aus, dass man Kiew noch lange im Verteidigungskampf gegen Russland unterstützen muss. Polen appelliert an die NATO-Mitglieder, ihre Produktion von Munition anzukurbeln. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.


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#China is supporting #Russia's war effort in #Ukraine by helping Moscow ramp up its defense production through large amounts of machine tools, microelectronics, drone and cruise missile technology, senior U.S. officials said on Friday.”

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😵‍💫 As president, Donald Trump “made it very clear” that he thought Ukraine “must be part of Russia”, his former adviser Fiona Hill says in a new book about US national security under threat from Russia and China, - The Guardian.



this idiot is incapable of locating Ukraine on a map.
the same idiot who congratulated the State of Kansas on the Kansas City Chief's Super Bowl victory (Kansas City being a city in Missouri)

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ISW Special Report:

🇷🇺 🇺🇦 The exhaustion of US-provided air defenses resulting from delays in the resumption of US military aid to combined with improvements in Russian strike tactics have led to the increasing effectiveness of Russian missile and drone strikes against Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian pilots training on F-16s in Denmark and the United States are already in the final stages of preparation, — Ukrainian Air Force spokesman.

The pilots are practicing the tasks they will perform in Ukraine, including shooting down cruise missiles and Shahed-131/136 UAVs.

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The newest Russian electronic warfare system R-340RP “Pole-21” was destroyed.

This system has been supplied to the occupying army since 2016 and is designed to jam satellite navigation channels. However, after an encounter with a drone of the border guards of the “Steel Frontier” Offensive Guard, the equipment's functions were “modernized”


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After being honourably discharged from the US Army, Elvis volunteered to fight against Russia among the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Having served as a sniper in the hottest directions of this war, such as Sieverodonetsk, Kherson, Avdiivka and Bakhmut, he shares his experience, the motivation to keep fighting, and the price of freedom.

Watch the full interview:


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Work is ongoing 24/7: the government has allocated an additional 3.38 billion hryvnia for the further construction of defensive lines

Of these funds, 1.7 billion hryvnia will be allocated for the Kharkiv region, 1.5 billion - for the Sumy region.

Donetsk, Kherson and Nikolaev regions will also receive additional resources.

Since the beginning of the year, the Cabinet of Ministers has already allocated almost 30 billion hryvnia for the construction of fortifications


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Ukrainian Rescuers in Sumy saved five tiny puppies while fighting with fire in a building. Look at their mom all worried.

Thankfully, the pups are fine. They were given back to their mom.


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Works on fortifying the dam in Russian Orenburg led to one of the trucks falling underground - Russian media.

That's because there was no priest nearby.


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Putin met with Lukashenko and told him that today's Russian strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure were "demilitarization". Plunging civilian areas into darkness is now called that.

He also told him that he was ready to "move on", whateter that is.


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Dear Reader,

Here's a tool for Americans who want to call out members of US Congress for blocking aid to Ukraine.

Innocent Ukrainians are dying every day because of Donald Trump and MAGA House Republican blockade of floor votes to authorize weapons aid to Ukraine.

Please boost this post and the link to this helpful tool!

Ukrainian Blood on MAGA!

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"We're all working as hard as we can. We're raising... God, we're cherishing this plant."

An employee of Trypilska thermal power plant in Kyiv region told about the consequences of the Russian attack on the night of Thursday, April 11.


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Russian terrorists have shelled DTEK's (Ukrainian energy comlany) thermal power plants 170 times since the start of the full-scale invasion.

It's hard to wrap this number around one's head. 21st century Europe.


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"Ukraine has the right, according to international law, for self-defence," Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said.

"This right is enshrined in the UN Charter. And we have the right to help Ukraine uphold the right of self-defence without making NATO and NATO allies party to the conflict. And Ukraine has part of self-defence. It's also that Ukraine has the right to strike legitimate military targets outside Ukraine to defend themselves."


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