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Hot mess.

"Facing a Republican revolt, House Speaker Johnson pushes ahead on US aid for , allies."

Deputy PM: Ukraine hopes to begin EU accession talks in June (

The EU should be able to offer a negotiating framework to begin the process of Ukraine’s ascension to the European Union in June, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna said during a press briefing on April 16, as reported by the Hromadske news outlet.

Speaker Johnson advances aid bills, but time running out as Ukraine’s supplies dry up (

After six grueling months, the U.S. House of Representatives may finally be preparing to vote on a new aid package for Ukraine. House Speaker Mike Johnson said on April 16 that following new rounds of talks with House Republicans, he planned to advance three separate aid packages for Ukraine,

‘Double-tap’ attack. Understanding one of Russia’s cruelest tactics in Ukraine (

Hitting a building, waiting for first responders and the media to arrive, and hitting the same place again to target those who came to put out the fire, help the victims, or document a potential war crime is a well-honed tool of Russia in its wars. This ruthless and illegal

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⚡️🇺🇦President Zelensky: “We work every day without a single break to increase our potential in the world – in our relations with partners. We work to get more real help. To achieve true equality in the defense against terror, when the same, truly equal rules apply (VIDEO and more)

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⛔️🇫🇷Organizers in France have confirmed that they will invite Russia to the June 6 celebrations marking the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy. However, no one will invite Wanted War Criminal and Kremlin leader, Putin. (More)

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‼️🇺🇦Hello Mastodon! $55 you raised in 24 hours for the salaries of Live: Ukraine journalists in April. Thank you💛💙 In April, we have already received $936 to our accounts on Patreon, Buy Me A Coffee, PayPal, and others. This month we still need to raise $1564 (LINKS and more) #Ukraine #Press #News #russiaUkraineWar #10yrInvasionofUkraine

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I thank everyone who helps! I thank each and every one of you who defends our country, our people and the common justice that is equal for all nations!
Glory to Ukraine!


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⚠️🇺🇦Ukraine latest: Russia destroyed Kyiv Oblast power plant after Ukraine ran out of air defense missiles, President Zelensky says (more)

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