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Gerard Braad

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#Hardware | #OpenSource | #RetroTech
𝑨𝑴𝑰𝑮𝑨, MegaDrive, MiSTer
| Principal Software Engineer
& Manager, Software Engineering working on DevTools
| Opinions are my own!

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gbraad, to eink
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The Daylight DC1 got the right stuff: , and a stylus. But I got the same with my Onyx Boox devices. Do I really need 60FPS at $729?

yeri, to random
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these captcha’s are getting weirder and weirder…

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@yeri I do not like the purple... So I need to click what?!?

gbraad, to android
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If you like Final Fight and Streets of Rage (Bare Knuckle), you should get Streets of Rage 4. I played the version on on the Anbernic RG556 (and RG5405M, note9 + Gamesir X2 Pro) and it is a blast!

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@Oregon_Pacifist mu son: "That is almost 3D" ;-)

luckily it is not. they kept close to the original assets in a very nice way

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ESP32-C3 for my weekend evening project.

gbraad, to random
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Why can I remember my ICQ accounts, but not the order of Ln - s

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@lorddimwit I always reminfd myself "first source then target" (need something to point to), so yeah... Extra reinforcement!

gbraad, to music
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gbraad, to random
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If you want to join the OpenShift Local (CRC) team as a QE engineer, please take a look at:


You do not need to be in Spain, although it would make it slightly easier. Also, it will be a QE position which will allow you to contribute directly to the codebase as you will be part of the engineering team.

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We are responsible for the virtualization and networking stack that is used by Podman Machine/Desktop, and our goal is to provide tooling to create containers on Windows, macOS and Linux, to deployment on a local OpenShift or MicroShift cluster.

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gbraad, to hardware
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Software Defined Hardware - The PicoMEM by FreddyV - All in One 8-Bit ISA Expansion Card


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the RP2040 has been a gamechanger

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"It's time for another awesome software defined ISA card using a Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040: The PicoMEM. This card does far more than just add memory to the computer, it adds just about everything you might possibly need for your old 8088/8086 based system!" - Adrian's Digital Basement


gbraad, to gaming
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on is still a mess. This is not available for any of the devices I have. I own a Samsung Note phone (with a Qualcomm), a Samsung Tab (with Qualcomm), several Android devices which are 10+, like Motorola, some Anbernic devices that use a Rockchip and Unisoc... and none is supported?!???

gbraad, to random
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Starfleet Academy series?!?
Yes, sir!

bagder, to random
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How to verify a release


How we are not the next xz.

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@bagder love the motivational drawing 🙂

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Didn't know @kushal's daughter was so talented!

@bagder Always great to see an impression of 'papa' as your own kids see it; have several from my sons around the house. They are life-like ;-)

gbraad, to iPad
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I tried on the . The experience is not bad, especially using a Bluetooth controller. But still prefer how this works on ; much easier to deal with ROM files, and the screen on my Samsung (OLED) looks better.


gbraad, to random
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"Jesse Lyu has the potential to create a world-changing ... "


... oh, wait... He got covered by Coffeezilla:



gbraad, (edited ) to gaming
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logo intro for Battle Mania 2 (daiginjou) by Vic Tokai


gbraad, to microsoft
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is not reliable as a fallback option to make calls... and you know why? They REMOVE your balance if you do not use it from time to time!

F-you !

gbraad, to amiga
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is such an awesome company...

too bad I never owned a MegaDrive in the 90's. Was too much into the , which I do not regret, as it created me the person I am (as a software engineer/engineering manager). Though, I would wonder what this would have been if I had a Sega instead... ;-)

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I guess I would look like this

gbraad, to linux
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