majorlinux, to Xbox avatar

I mean, if they kept their eyes on the ball and wasn't so spend happy, maybe the studios would still be around.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Addresses Studio Closures - IGN Live 2024 - IGN

64bithero, to gaming avatar

When you play a level that pushes your patients and skill so hard you need to take a physical break before starting the next. Or is that just a me a thing ?

majorlinux, to DOOM avatar

Because they want money...?

Phil Spencer Briefly Explains the Decision to Bring Doom: The Dark Ages to PlayStation 5 - IGN Live 2024 - IGN

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LadyMarth01, to VideoGames avatar

After finally getting around to watching the trailer for DOOM: The Dark Age, I'm left with one very important question:

Did they put Serious Sam into my Doom, or Doom into my Serious Sam?

killyourfm, to gaming avatar

Here we go! Ante 8/8, final round!

bloodaxe, to StarCitizen avatar

Yes, I'll take another #AnswerTheCall this week as well 🤩 They're talking about the latest Monthly Report, the recent charity event, cargo and more 😁 #StarCitizen #Gaming #LinuxGaming

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

I was hoping Xbox would announce them adding the Call of Duty catalog to Game Pass. I’d be very interested to play the previous campaigns.

Black Ops 6 does look very good though!

#Gaming #Xbox #CallOfDuty

majorlinux, to Xbox avatar

There were some surprises...

Xbox Games Showcase 2024: all the news, trailers, and announcements

#Xbox #Gaming #Microsoft

EighthLayer, to Xbox avatar

Xbox absolutely smashed their showcase this year! It’s been a while.

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

Never been a big fan of Gears of War, but I know many people who will be excited by that new game announcement.

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

The Indiana Jones game has seemed to capture what that series is about perfectly.

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

A new Life is Strange game with Max Caulfield as the main character! I really enjoyed that game so hyped to get a new story with her. Big graphical upgrade it seems too.

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

Now, I’ve never played a Fable game. Actually that’s a bit of a lie, I’ve played the first briefly but never went back to it. But I’m definitely interested in this new edition! Looks great!

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

I tried Diablo IV recently because it was on Game Pass. I got bored very quickly. Next.

#XboxShowcase #Gaming

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

What in the Mirror’s Edge is this?

Perfect Dark… I want it.

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

Age of Mythology reminded of how much I’d like to see a new Black and White game. We all know that isn’t happening.

EighthLayer, to SeaOfThieves avatar

Sail as a villain in Sea of Thieves? Aren’t there already people doing that? 😂

EighthLayer, to Xbox avatar

South of Midnight looks great too! The low frame rate animation reminds me of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

EighthLayer, (edited ) to Xbox avatar

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 has certainly caught my eye. Not my usual kind of game but looks interesting.

EighthLayer, to gaming avatar

Fallout 76 expansion. Meh.

I’m just waiting for Fallout London. 😂

EighthLayer, to Xbox avatar

Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 hitting Game Pass on day one is going to be huge for Xbox.

:xbox: #Xbox #XboxGamePass #CallOfDuty #Gaming

64bithero, to gaming avatar

I was hoping in this day and age of game reveals most games would show actual gameplay and actual visuals. Apparently that hope hoping a little to much. I’m not going to buy a game unless I see how it actually plays and looks.

jahed, to gaming avatar

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 really stood out in Xbox's showcase. Not much gameplay to show but it looks promising. The story is like a mix of Xenoblade X, 2 and 3. #gaming

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