vitriolix, (edited ) to infosec avatar

bizarre, it still powers the bluetooth chip when the phone is off allowing it to continue sending beacons for the "Find My Device" network

"Android 15 could allow devices to be tracked even when switched off"

#tracking #android #bluetooth #infosec #pixel #google #privacy

minioctt, to Minecraft Italian

Ecco lo del più eccessivo e per Beta 1.7.3:

  • Il è in esecuzione sul mio , con
  • Il suo video è collegato al PC tramite scrcpy su USB
  • Posso usare la singola tastiera che già tengo collegata al PC per sia muovermi nel gioco, sia scrivere in chat comodamente, ma allo stesso tempo usare l’altra manina sul grosso touchscreen al posto del mouse
    • (A proposito… molti tasti in chat non vanno, non riesco ad esempio a scrivere nemmeno apostrofi, nonché lettere accentate, il problema potrebbe stare letteralmente ovunque quindi boh)
  • Non ho il mouse sul PC sempre bloccato nella finestra, quindi posso muovermi sul desktop e fare altro
  • Il gioco rimane visibile nella visione periferica quando metto altre finestre in primo piano per fare, ancora, altre cose (come scrivere questo post)

Erano letteralmente mesi (da settembre praticamente!) che non mettevo piede sulla , ora mi è capitato perché è tornato un altro player di vecchia data che aveva voglia di , e allora ho detto si, fammi tornare. Altra gente in generale ancora da meno tempo ci entra… sarebbe da ravvivare ‘sto , . 🧸

br00t4c, to android avatar

Google's Pixel 8A leaks in all colors -- including a bold green

IzzyOnDroid, to free avatar

at today with 9 updated and 1 added apps:

  • CuteMusic: a simple and lightweight offline music player

At 1 was updated and 1 added:

  • Zygisk Assistant: a Zygisk module to hide root

Enjoy your with the :awesome:

mgorny, to android Polish avatar

Więc była sobie apka na system , której używałem do liczenia węglowodanów w posiłkach, ze względu na cukrzycę. Bardzo ją lubiłem — była lekka, prosta i działała. Miała wszystko czego potrzebowałem; kopiowałem tylko wcześniejsze posiłki, korygowałem masy istotnych składników i wyliczała mi łączną zawartość węglowodanów. Miała też jakieś funkcje bezpośrednio związane z cukrzycą, ale nigdy ich nie używałem.

Była to apka typu AdWare — darmowa, ale używająca nieuciążliwych reklam (choć pewnie śledzących). A potem zmieniła się w NagWare, zaczęła uciążliwie narzucać mi wersję "premium", która ma usuwać reklamy i w przyszłości dostarczyć nowe funkcje. Zaczęła robić się zabugowana, mimo że nie ma jeszcze żadnych nowych funkcji. No i w końcu odwiedziłem ich (odnowioną) stronę internetową. Oczywiście, poszli na boom "": "Społeczność i platforma oparta na sztucznej inteligencji do kontroli cukrzycy". Nawet wzięli domenę z Anguilli (".ai").

Teraz potrzebuję nowej apki. Nie chcę mieć z tą nic wspólnego.

davemark, to apple avatar

Quote from Automattic founder in @gruber writeup on Automattic buying Beeper:

"I have zero interest in fighting with Apple, I think instead it’s best to focus on messaging networks that want more engagement from power-user clients"

Good writeup, helped make sense of why this move makes sense.
#Apple #Automattic #Beeper #Android #Google

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After a stable release of K-9 Mail, our Android team usually spends a couple weeks fixing bugs. The bug hunt takes center stage in this month's progress report, with cketti and Wolf ironing out a BUNCH of them.

sukiletxe, to accessibility

If you have an iPhone Max or Pro Max, can you check if you have 8 dot braille screen input? Or, can you tell me which iPhones have it otherwise? Oh, and boost if you have no idea too? Thanks! CC @AppleVis


@sukiletxe @AppleVis not what you were asking but this had me wonder the same about on and I found that this is offered in every language that would have a use for it. @mastoblind

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Big news for 🚀

100% of the strings in our @weblate project have now screenshots assigned to them to help you with the context while translating!

Thanks to our amazing community, we've conquered 23 languages with over 90% completion, and we're catching up with the next 10 more.

I invite you to take a look if you want to help with translating.


kuketzblog, to Discord German avatar

🚨 Größere Überarbeitung der Messenger-Matrix:

  • App-Icons hinzugefügt
  • aTox entfernt, Viber hinzugefügt
  • Neue Kategorie "Benutzbarkeit"
  • Neues Kriterium "Post-Quantum Verschlüsselung"
  • Diverse Aktualisierungen

caos, avatar

@dmz ja, ich hoffe, Multi-Device für kommt bald mal wirklich. Ist (auch für ) schon seit einigen Jahren (seit 2020) angekündigt @kuketzblog

ainmosni, to iPhone avatar

Yesterday I decided to use my dev #iPhone as my daily driver for a month, to see if my hatred of #iOS is just because of not being used to it, or if I really just prefer #Android.

Turns out I still had an ancient AppleID that I forgot all credentials for. But despite proving to #Apple that I had control over the associated mail address and phone number, that was not enough, without another Apple device, they're going to make me wait "a few days".

Great first impression...

br00t4c, to android avatar
br00t4c, to android avatar
br00t4c, to android avatar
cliffwade, to android avatar

Android 15 Beta 1 has now been installed on my old Pixel 7 Pro as well as my Pixel 8 Pro.

Hopefully everything runs well, especially on the Pixel 8 Pro device since that's a daily driver device.

caos, to android German avatar

📲 Frage zu ⌨️
Wo kann man noch mal einstellen, dass die Umlaute nicht in der Standardansicht mit drauf sind?

... auf dem 4-Zoll-Gerät werden die Tasten sonst doch arg klein...🧐

krafter, to linux avatar

postmarketOS isn't turning out to be as daily-driveable in the long term as I had hoped.

So, I'm switching to Android (im thinkin LineageOS, tho any other suggestions would be appreciated!)

I've never used Android before, any tips?

br00t4c, to android avatar
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ESET: Cyberespionage campaign using open-source #malware #XploitSPY targeting #Android users in India and Pakistan #opensource #cybersecurity #Infsoec

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Do people want AI in their browsers?

If the survey I did on Mastodon is anything to go by, most people do not.

2% Want AI in their browser.
25% Want AI in their browser, if their data is not used for other purposes, such as ads and profiling.
73% Do not want AI in their browser at all.

575 entered the poll.

A lot of browser companies are now pushing AI in their browsers.

I guess the 2% have a lot of browsers to choose between.

ghose, to android Galician avatar

Teclado LIBRE e RESPECTUOSO coa túa para

Sabes que podes usar un teclado diferente ao que trae o teu móbil?

⌨️ :android: a propósito de Heliboard que mencionan en TWIF dicir que xa está tamén en podendo engadirlle o para autocorreción (se queres).

captura de pantalla onde podemos descargar o dicionario anteriormente descargado (un ficheiro), premendo no signo máis
captura de pantalla onde vemos que xa está dispoñible o dicionario galego na configuración do teclado (accesible premendo na barra espazadora)

tosbourn, (edited ) to random avatar

I have an old Nexus 5 that doesn't appear to be supported by anything these days (which is fair enough!)

Anything cool I could install onto it or do? Or should I wipe and destroy?

daniebeler, to Pixelfed avatar

To everyone with a account and an phone:

My brother @Hiebeler05 and I are the two developers of a third party client for Pixelfed called . We started the project in December 2023 with our goal to develop the best Pixelfed client out there. At the beginning we had some difficulties laying a good foundation for the app, but lately we are fascinated by how many features we were able to implement in a very short time. But we also know there is a long way to go, and right now we need your help.

It is very difficult to test the app on all the different android versions, phones and Pixelfed instances.

If you have some minutes, go download the app and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, feature requests, bug reports, etc. Tell us what's not working, so we can fix it.

Normally is available for 2€, but during the next few days it can be downloaded for free.

Please boost to get more reach🚀

Vivaldi, to IndustrialDesign avatar

🍕🚀 Your browser experience, just like your favorite pizza, should be fully customizable to suit your tastes. And at Vivaldi, your feedback is the secret sauce that makes it all possible! 🌟

But like any great recipe, sometimes the ingredients don't quite blend as intended.

After the release of Vivaldi 6.6 on Android, our efforts to unify menus and toolbars led to unintended consequences.

📝 Get a rundown of what happened after the release of Vivaldi 6.6 on Android, where we turned your feedback into meaningful action. 👇🏻

far4, (edited ) avatar


And by the way! When will I be able to disable this extremely inconvenient for many (on the forum wrote) update with a swipe? And at the same time, so I don't have to write twice, when will I be able to disable the side gestures "forward" and "back"? They overlap with system-wide android gestures and it turns out to be uncomfortable.

I could talk about expirience for hours. But... it wouldn't be a fun conversation.

For example, viewing, copying and exporting passwords in the browser is not locally protected in any way. All it takes is for a smartphone with an open lockscreen to fall into the hands of a clever crook for 10 minutes, and he will steal everything. And I won't even know it. Is it difficult to encrypt access to any password with a master password? Much less a full export of passwords in unencrypted form. I'm afraid to use such a password manager! It looks like a wallet with lots of holes in it.

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