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She/Her | 34 | Lesbian 🏳️‍🌈 | Progressive 🇺🇸 | Gamer 🎮 | Book Lover 📚 | Abstract Artist and Synthographer | Website

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I prefer the UI of to Kbin, and it's been smoother for me as well. But I've got an account at both. Still haven't entirely made up my mind on which to make my "main".

Ukraine recaptures village as Russian forces hold other lines, fire on fleeing civilians elsewhere (

Ukraine’s military reported recapturing a southeastern village as Russian forces claimed to repel multiple attacks in the area. A regional official said three people were killed and another 10 injured when Moscow’s troops fired at a boat evacuating people from Russian-occupied areas to Ukrainian-held territory along a...

Meet the LGBTQ activist who challenged his Caribbean country’s anti-sodomy law and won (

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua (AP) — For years, Orden David was persecuted in his native Antigua and Barbuda — a frequent complaint by many LGBTQ people who fear for their safety across the conservative and mostly Christian Caribbean, where anti-gay hostility is widespread.

Chief Justice John Roberts listed two vacation homes on two different continents in his real estate income disclosures while Elena Kagan listed a parking spot in DC (

Financial disclosure reports released last week revealed Roberts rented properties in Ireland and Maine while Kagan rented out a parking spot in DC.

Ava's Demon (

Ava's Demon is a science fantasy webcomic written and drawn by Michelle Czajkowski Fus and colored by a number of colorists. The comic, which has been ongoing since 2012, is known for its painted art style and animations. The first physical publication of Ava's Demon was released in 2013 after a successful Kickstarter project,...

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Everyone I know uses Discord, even my 59 year old mother. It makes sharing stuff with her, including streams, super easy. I can't imagine trying to convince her or anyone else to swap to Matrix. Plus I'm part of multiple art communities on Discord.

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I avoid everything by Meta, so I won't be using it no matter what.

Texas group wants to boycott Cracker Barrel over Pride Month (

A national chain known for its food and aesthetic that drips in southern comfort is the next business facing backlash over its support of Pride Month and the LGBTQ+ community. The Texas Family Project called on supporters to boycott Cracker Barrel on Thursday, June 8, stating "a once family friendly establishment has caved to...

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@koncertejo My first time, though I'm on Kbin. I'm liking it thus far, though the ui is a little confusing, and I consider myself techliterate.

Children who were stabbed in France no longer in life-threatening condition as suspect is charged (

French judges have handed preliminary charges of attempted murder to a man suspected of stabbing four young children and two adults in a French Alps park. The suspect is a 31-year-old Syrian refugee with permanent residency in Sweden who has a 3-year-old daughter. His name was not released. The lead prosecutor said he was...

Iran police shooting at car to stop thief killed his 9-year-old son, authorities say (

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A boy was shot and killed by police after his father stole a car in the southwestern Khuzestan province and drove off with him, Iranian authorities said. Ruhollah Bigdeli, chief of police in Shushtar County, said — via Iran's official police website — that several officers tried to stop...

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My last phone, the Nokia 5.4, cost me under $200 and I'm still using it.

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@Calcifer Reading can be free with a library card. I use Libby on my phone to check out books. But if you'd rather not have to wait for more popular releases, Amazon does have Kindle Unlimited. I think it's $12 per month, you can check out something like 10 books at a time.

Edit: I totally forgot about Scribd! Way better than Kindle Unlimited cause it has audibooks and Magazines too, for only $12 a month.

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