No Stupid Questions

Gmail spooky fuckery: we're already somewhat aware that bots or actual Google humans are reading our emails they ever INTERCEPT them??

I noticed a weird phenomenon in my Gmail inbox, I had an advertisement email from Mercedes-Benz of Albuquerque which is understandable because I’ve been there before. I did not click on the email or open it because it’s an ad and I don’t care,...

What to do when your work/school requires a doctor's note but you're not even well enough to go to the doctor to get a note??

Fucked up my knee really bad yesterday, have been bedridden since noon yesterday, was planning on getting a doctor’s note today because both my work and my school are extremely physically demanding and if my knee doesn’t work, I am down for the count. But I can’t even fucking walk now and I don’t have anyone to take me...

Isn't there a risk of accidental water inhalation when swimming instructors throw babies into the water to teach them how to swim?

Occasionally, I will see a video posted of an instructor throwing a baby into water and watching them flounder about until they right themselves and float. The comments are a mix of "that's terrible, what is the instructor doing?" and "you guys are clueless, this is how they train the babies."...

If art is subjective, why did schools enforce the idea that there's "right" and "wrong" ways to interpret literature?

I'm not talking about objective things like grammar, vocabulary, or structuring. I'm mostly talking about more subjective things like theme and mood. I get for younger students, since they need to learn to analyze and interpret literature. But for higher level students this might become more or a problem, especially when reading...

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