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I feel more accomplished in life without drugs. They consumed too much time and while it felt nice, it just led to falling further behind in many areas.


After surgery and recovery I can do hallucinogens again 🎉 I’m done with raw dogging life this sucks and I’m miserable

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Get well soon


That is self care, depending on the drug and how you use it.


Wait, y’all stopped?

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I’ve been doing well for a few years. Been feeling like giving that up.

Vacationlandgirl, (edited )

Missed the memo! Anyone know the published date and delivery method? Should I speak to USPS or Gmail?

Edit after re-read… OP was dated in the before times… Nothing to see here… We can carry on with the drug fueled coping mechanisms established in 2020¡


I wish more people did drugs and relied less on non drug related highs like religion and mob mentality.


I feel like the world would be different if more people took acid

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“Better living through chemistry!”

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