WalkableProgrammer, in NotJustBikes on the knip

Bro I just want to be able to walk in my city, I can’t even imagine this

reddig33, in NotJustBikes on the knip

Strange choice to put down fake grass.

jochem, (edited ) in NotJustBikes on the knip

Sorry for the spam in the description and this meta-comment, but I was having issues with federation of this community to Lemmy. It now at least seems to work to kbin. Here’s hoping content will also start to federate from kbin.

It’s still a good video btw, although personally I would’ve liked some attention for the negative effects earlier in the video.

Edit: also saw a post from kbin show up in Lemmy, so federation seems to be working \o/


No worries. Thanks for sharing! It’s odd bicycling there now. Reminds me of the corona days.

kicksystem, in In de fediverse bepaalt de gemeente zelf de regels

Dit is echt top. Het is hoog tijd dat we van die dictatoriale corporates afstappen.

kicksystem, in Waterschap AGV verhoogt belasting met 35 procent

En ondertussen mogen woonbootbewoners zelf de kanalen uitbaggeren…

blogem, in Waterschap AGV verhoogt belasting met 35 procent

Holy moly. Wat kunnen we als belastingbetaler hier aan doen? Wachten tot de volgende verkiezingen...

akaxaka, in In de fediverse bepaalt de gemeente zelf de regels
akaxaka avatar

Thanks, interessant stuk - goed te zien dat Amsterdam voorop loopt!

blogem, in Verbod op dragen gebruiksmessen in heel Amsterdam vanaf 1 juli

So I'm not allowed to walk around with my pocketknife anymore. I don't have it on me every day, but when I'm outside the whole day I usually do, for e.g. making lunch and what have you.

I know practically it shouldn't matter, as the police cannot search me, but in theory I'm now doing illegal stuff when I have it on me.

akaxaka, in Ruimte rondom het Slavernijmonument Oosterpark wordt opgeknapt

Top! Werd tijd.

Ook goed dat er een Keri Koti concert in Carré is. Toont aan dat hoe salonfähig het is, en niet per sé het onderwerp onder het tapijt wordt geschoven.

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

Inderdaad. Plus het feest in het Museumplein. Het zal dit jaar een goede keti Koti zijn

akaxaka, in Please help me finish my Damrakception
akaxaka avatar

Hey that's so cool!
There's so many damrak & canal posts flooding the sub now, that this should work!

Actually, come to think of it, most are from you in the first place :D


Not everyone was able to enjoy my posts 😅

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski, in Mokum Kraakt wint hoger beroep: ontruiming pand Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal onterecht
Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

Wow, that's great. Does it mean they're getting it back?


Don't think that's how it works... I guess they can squat it again, assuming the shop downstairs is just literal window dressing and doesn't actually open.

I think it's mainly helpful when a new eviction needs to be fought. I'm sure it's also a morality boost to the squatting movement.

Walking_tour_Diemen, in Q&A Thread - Your Question Goes Here - Especially Tourists and New Residents

Hello! *Squiggy voice*

akaxaka avatar

Hello! Loving the username!


Birthright. eheh.

blogem, in IJburgers zijn scooterrijders op Nesciobrug zat, petitie ruim duizend keer ondertekend

Maybe the city could get some mobile cameras that can move around the city every few weeks/months. They're really effective at the Rijksmuseum and CS.

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

That's actually a great idea. Fines are the biggest detractor from engaging in this type of asocial behavior

Doll_Tow_Jet-ski, in Please help me find this location in Amsterdam - photo is from 1993 so sculpture may no longer exist
Doll_Tow_Jet-ski avatar

I think that is the mauritskade. Close to the wibautstraat if I had to guess.

pq, (edited )
8lettersuk, in Eerste zomerstorm losgebarsten: nu ook in Amsterdam code oranje

Of course it happened right when I needed to walk home from the metro :-)

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