flux, to Amsterdam German
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H i l f e bräuchte ich von euch.

Eine Freundin muss den gesamten Mai über nach Amsterdam und sucht eine Unterkunft.

"Direktnachrichten" gerne an mich.

Bitte boosten / retröten.

1.000 Dank 💖

MikeDunnAuthor, to Israel
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Today in Labor History February 25, 1941: The outlawed Communist Party of the Netherlands initiated a General Strike in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam in protest of the persecution of Dutch Jews. It started one day after a pogrom in Amsterdam. 300,000 people participated. It was the first public protest against the Nazis in Europe. The Nazis brutally suppressed the strike, ending it after three days.

#workingclass #LaborHistory #nazis #holocaust #jews #antisemitism #generalstrike #communism #dutch #amsterdam #netherlands #fascism #antifa #antifascism

blankfrank, to Amsterdam


skoop, to Amsterdam
TransportOnline, to Amsterdam Dutch
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becha, (edited ) to Amsterdam
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I’m at festival/workshops today! , Ru Pare : https://www.2dh5.nl/event/polyamory-and-relationship-anarchy/

Gina, to Madrid
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NOT TODAY, suck it Amsterdam!! 🥳🥳


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Lets gooooo ✈️

SteinVanOosteren, to Amsterdam
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Le futur de la mobilité n’est pas l’émergence du vélo mais la véloïsation de la mobilité. Le vélo ne va pas remplacer la voiture, mais la frontière entre le vélo et la voiture va disparaître.

blankfrank, to Amsterdam


blankfrank, to Amsterdam
br00t4c, to Amsterdam
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arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
blankfrank, to Amsterdam


blankfrank, to Amsterdam


br00t4c, to Amsterdam
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Usher announces extra dates on his UK and European tour including London


cdamian, to Amsterdam
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Tribute to Alexei Navalny in Amsterdam.

#amsterdam #alexeinavalny

auschwitzmuseum, to Israel
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19 February 1912 | A Dutch Jew, Mozes de Wolf, was born in Amsterdam.

He arrived at Auschwitz on 21 October 1942 in a transport of 1,327 Jews deported from Westerbork.
No. 69666
He perished in the camp on 17 February 1943, two days before his 31st birthday.

geant, to hiring
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📣 Exciting !

We are a new for GÉANT, based in .

Our would be responsible for leading GÉANT in all aspects of finance, tax, risk and compliance management. He would also be responsible for all procurements done by GÉANT and help to set and implement an overall strategic direction for the organisation.


Apply here: https://www.pageexecutive.com/job-detail/chief-financial-officer/ref/jn-012024-6305326

EdvdElsken, to Amsterdam Dutch
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auschwitzmuseum, to Israel
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18 February 1939 | Dutch Jewish girl, Lida Kropveld, was born in Amsterdam.

She was deported to Auschwitz from Apeldoorn on 22 January 1943. She was murdered in a gas chamber after arrival selection.

ikbendaf, to Amsterdam Dutch
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AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands - 17 Feb 2024
Expressions and support ✌️ for , a walk from to
Photograph: @ikbendaf with @Panasonic

blankfrank, to Amsterdam
blankfrank, to Amsterdam
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