Artemis app broken - is the project still alive?

I've enjoyed using Artemis even though I can't login through it (I'm on kbin). It's been interesting to be a pure lurker instead of an avid commenter like I was on the former site. In the past couple of days, though, Artemis has failed to fetch any new content. Deleting the iOS app and reinstalling through Testflight does nothing; the 1-2 day old posts pop right back up and nothing new will come in.

At this point the question has to be asked: is work on Artemis still proceeding? Aside from a few drips and drabs Hariette hasn't been heard from in at least a month. I really hope the dream of an Apollo-like fediverse app -- which Artemis was already previewing very well for us -- isn't dead.


Yeah I had to switch to Memmy. Works well enough for me.

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No Kbin support in that one, apparently. And no way to browse while not logged in.

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I hope Hariett is ok. ❤️🙏


Yeah the app hasn't worked for the last 4-5 days. I also notice is down today. I suspect Harriet is burned out.

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Yeah, ghosting vibe is pretty strong.

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It’s a bummer because I would definitely pay for a working Artemis app with kbin login. They were so close. I’d have paid at least the Pro cost of Apollo for it.

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Ernest is looking into enabling the API this weekend, which would be the final step needed in order to get Artemis up and working. :)

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She last wrote in the end of September that she has been having health issues, but that she wants to get back to working on Fediverse stuff. I guess her health problems might have gotten worse again, or maybe life just got in the way.

In other news it looks like Ernest is currently experimenting with potentially enabling the API on the main branch of kbin:

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My iOS app won't work anymore but I'm trying to be patient and understand that it's an open source project led by one person so there may be delays or issues that prevent progress or even things running smoothly. Hopefully it will return and improve with time.

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