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Reporter Jenny Gold analyzed state Medi-Cal data for 2021. Her findings on health care access for kids in the California public insurance program are sobering:

🟡 60% of babies—and 75% of Black babies—did not get their recommended well-child visits in their first 15 months of life.

🟡 65% of 2-year-olds were not fully vaccinated, leaving them vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases like measles.

🟡 Half of children did not receive a lead screening by their second birthday.

Story here:

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So it's not surprising that life expectancy is falling in the USA.

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@david_colquhoun @publichealth @pediatrics

Indeed not surprising.

Our colleagues at PRB have been publishing on this for awhile. In 2022 we published a bulletin, Dying Young, that looks at why our early-life mortality rates are so much higher than other wealthy nations. If you're interested, you can read it here:

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@david_colquhoun @publichealth @pediatrics

And a newer research brief (linked below) looks at how state policies are associated with shorter (or longer) life expectancy.

California does well by several measures, but Medicaid/Medi-Cal has been... well... you saw the LA Times piece.

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