Adorable_Sergal, to acab avatar

Crucial life skills.

Now I know why they call him 'Bandit'

TarkabarkaHolgy, to Parenting avatar

I am considering a new dissertation titled

"Parental gender roles, weaponized incompetence, and differing masculinities: Bandit vs Papa Pig."

timrichards, (edited ) to melbourne avatar

There's the Bluey tram going by on Elizabeth Street. Just watched the new "Surprise!" episode, that was fun.

cassey, to Parenting avatar

I saw a headline the other day that said “Everything has to end, even Bluey”. Obviously I refused to click on it. What I don’t know can’t hurt me.

They let SpongeBob SquarePants run for 14+ seasons despite constant articles over those years (though perhaps more earlier on) about how SpongeBob in particular was rotting kids’ brains.

Bluey is too dang wholesome to call it quits after a mere 3.

vwbusguy, to Bluey avatar

It looks like a new episode of drops at midnight tonight, aptly called "Surprise".

phocks, to Bluey avatar

Happy surprise episode day 🎉🎊

danielholt, to Bluey avatar

It's barely 7am and I've already spent two hours parenting before a full ten hour shift at work. In short, it's been rough.

To make it worse. My kids just put on the latest episode of .

I am not emotionally or physically able to handle this emotional abuse before work, but alas, here we are. Thoughts and Prayers please. It's gonna get messy. And that's before I even start at work.

Tim_Eagon, to Bluey avatar

I sat down and watched "Ghost Basket" and "The Sign" with my kids this afternoon. They liked it but were doing other things at the same time, while I, on the other hand, was watching with rapt attention. I'm sure now more than ever that is an adult show that appeals to kids instead of vice versa!

Irrev_Black, to Bluey avatar

says that anyone who watches enough will find their Inner Granny.

Dad's Granny Name is "Agnes".

Floppy, to Bluey avatar

Having watched "The Sign" I'm even more convinced that is amongst the best TV ever made for any age group. What an emotional rollercoaster that was.

amcasari, to Bluey avatar

I get why some people are disappointed about the commercialization of into a merchandise powerhouse.

AND as a who spent the last 5 years seeing requests for non-existent toys and books for Octonauts, Owl House, and Gravity Falls, it's a freaking relief to have something to purchase.

vwbusguy, to Bluey avatar

Oh, man, the new . 🥹

Korny, to Bluey avatar

almost-final was so good. Tears here. (Wouldn't mean much for non-fans - start with Sleepytime for a better introduction)

lambdageek, to Bluey avatar

Happy "The Sign" day to all who celebrate

bbbhltz, to random avatar

I am nearly 40.

I've watched over 14,000 episodes of television (according to Trakt).

This morning I watched one of the most perfectly paced, beautiful, well-written examples of animated story-telling for children.

Many shows for kids have been reduced to self-contained 7-minute shorts. A full arc from exposition to denouement plus opening and closing credits is the norm. Good story-tellers can still do a lot with that.

Continuity, for example, is something kids grasp and enjoy...

bbbhltz, avatar

..., love it or hate it (I am the former), uses those 7-minute episodes to build a much larger tableau. The continuity, the call-backs and other references do not go unnoticed by young children. They pick up on those things.

The latest episode, The Sign (S03E49), is a tear-jerking reward for children (and adults) who have been paying attention. And, what's more, it is a special 28-minute episode.

Hats off to the writers. Bravo. It will be hard to one-up this chef-d'œuvre.

MattHatton, to Bluey avatar

Well that was the biggest fucking cop-out.

squishymage42, to Bluey avatar

Just watched the new episode of with my daughter this morning.

Ghostbasket's reveal totally made us excited for "The Sign"

StefanEJones, to Bluey avatar

Watched the episode "Cricket," which gets the highest ratings of any of the show's installments, at least in Australia.

The game still utterly baffles me, but the story of a dedicated kid is wonderful.

Episode clip:

cassidy, (edited ) to 3DPrinting avatar

I designed a printable 3D model of the kids' beds from Bluey! This was super fun and rewarding as my preschooler has a bunch of the Bluey character figures and wanted to make their bedroom. I used stills from the show as reference, but proportioned it to fit the figures nicely.

vwbusguy, to Bluey avatar

I'm still giggling over how the game stole the show at this year, especially since I had bought it for the kids for Christmas. SpikeVegeta's commentary was 😂.

Valkyrie, to random avatar

Constructing Duck Cake. Thoughts and prayers please.

Valkyrie, avatar
charllthomas, to Bluey avatar

Thinking about the “Fancy Restaurant” episode of , and how society often puts that honeymoon period of a relationship on a pedestal.

Once you’ve been together a while, it becomes less about gifts and trips away, and more about small acts of kindness and consideration.

“I made your favourite”
“You have the last one”
“I’ll get up with the kids, go back to sleep”
“Have you drank enough water today?”
“I’m off to work - there’s coffee on the warm for you”

I actually like that more.

amcasari, to Bluey avatar

Real Games of , New England edition

Chili: Have I got a game for you...

Bluey: Is it Hauling Firewood?

Chili: Yeah, it's Hauling Firewood.

Bluey and Bingo: YAY!!!!! 🪵

StefanEJones, to Bluey avatar

Friday! I have a week or so to prepare for arrival of new dog.

For now, I'm going to watch Doctor Who, a bit of The Great British Bake Off, and an couple episodes of to chill out.

An animated GIF from the Australian cartoon Bluey. A young tan and brown anthropomorphic dog stumbles along a riverside path, eyes downcast. After a moment she stumbles into a crawl, and then collapses in a heap.

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