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Deaths blamed on health board improvement failures

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Victorian nurses: Oppose union-government wage cuts! Build rank-and-file committees to fight back!

#health #nurses

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Health minister defends new powers to pull products off shelves

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Gaza war will last all year at least, Israeli official warns as tanks raid Rafah again

#gaza #health

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So Junior Doctors will be striking just before the election having lost patience with the lack of any progress in pay negotiations, to match the reassurances the were given when they paused previous strike action.

Rishi Sunak claims this looks 'politically motivated'; only in the sense that he & his familiars have failed to deliver any repair of doctors' standard of living.

This is part of Tory engineered health crisis that itself is politically motivated!

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Israel's attacks on Gaza's health workers: Hundreds killed, thousands injured amid devastating siege

#health #israel

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😅The POWER of Fun Group Exercise for Laughter, Camaraderie, and Shared joy.

👉🏽Ages 65-95 from my Malden Senior Center strength class are proving that age is just a number when it comes to staying strong, connected, and having a blast with Ball Toss!🏐

👀Eye-Hand Coordination
👣Fall Prevention & Balance
🧠Brain Health
🎯Social Connection


#fitness #inclusion #health #seniors #community #fun #workout #accessibility #life #boston #quote #aging #mentalhealth


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Photo-shoot yesterday, a news conference with the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff gave opening remarks.

Panel members focused on youth fitness and mental health. Short answer: it ain't good.

More photos:

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Ex-Scottish health secretary given record Holyrood ban over GBP11,000 iPad scandal

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Ex-Scottish health secretary given record Holyrood ban over GBP11,000 iPad scandal

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Clatsop County, Oregon:

"Clatsop County Public Health Alert: Multiple Reports of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP)

2024-05-28 18:50:39 PDT

There have been multiple reports of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning from eating mussels harvested in the area from the Washington border to Seal Rock State Recreation Site. Mussels picked since Saturday must be thrown away, as cooking or freezing them does not kill the toxins. Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning can be deadly, especially for children. Appropriate medical care can lessen the risk of death. Do not feed these mussels to pets."

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Some People Are Strangely Resistant to Alzheimer's. Here's What Makes Them Different

'A team of researchers... looked at brain tissue samples stored at the Netherlands Brain Bank.... Among those thousands of samples, the team found just 12 who had been cognitively healthy prior to their death yet had clear neurological signs of the disease's underlying pathology.'

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Labour's Wes Streeting says it's 'wrong' to write off 'gender-critical' people as bigots

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