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OC D&D Item Card Template v1.1- A Simple, Effective LaTeX Template for Generating Item Cards (www.overleaf.com)

Hey there everyone, I am back with v1.1 of my Latex Template for making D&D Item Cards. I received one major point of feedback from multiple people in the fediverse: make an option for fixing the card dimensions for easier printing and distribution/storage at the table. So that is exactly what I did!...

D&D Item Card Template- A LaTeX Template for making simple, effective item cards by me! (kbin.social)

After starting some earnest homebrewing efforts for magic items in my campaign, I was getting frustrated with the limited options for item cards I could give to my players. I am not great with illustrator/photoshop, have terrible handwriting, didn't particularly like the form-fillable cards I found online, and the...

Any advice for running my first real Dungeon Crawl?

I have been DMing for about 8 years now, but I have always ran more sandbox or non-linear style campaigns, with a few linear one-shots scattered in there. I am about to start running Frog God's 5e conversion of Tegel Manor for my group, but I am a little nervous about the differences in running an old school crawl. Do people...

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