thingsiplay, in Release Wine-GE-Proton8-19 Released
thingsiplay avatar
sub_, in Ppsspp Release v1.16.3

Version 1.16.4 is out

The dev has been actively fixing / updating PPSSPP after the release of version 1.16, always good to see.

NotTheOnlyGamer, in QEMU v8.1.0-rc4
NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

Every time I've tried to run the Windows version of QEMU on my PC, it hasn't really worked. That's down user error, I'm certain; but I wish there was a better GUI version available.

PrimalHero avatar

I have not tried Windows on QEMU But I am running Android x86 on it and it works better than on virtual box. I am using AQEMU as a gui on Linux, which makes things easier.

NotTheOnlyGamer, in Play! Version 0.62 Released
NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

This is an awesome piece of software from great people. They've been quietly releasing weekly updates for years. As an HLE tool, it's getting really good. I do wonder how the frame rate on Bully is now.

@Legendsofanus@lemmy.world avatar

It seems very rudimentary on the menu screen. I’m on Android btw

MattyXarope, in NitroSwan Wonderswan emulator for the ds

Nice! Great seeing the DS getting love - it’s still such a capable console.

Voyajer, in RPCS3 Release v0.0.29 Alpha
Voyajer avatar
NotTheOnlyGamer, in RMG Release v0.4.5 (N64 emulator)
NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

Never heard of this. How does it work compared to Pj64?

@potat@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

I use it pretty much all the time, it’s basically the same thing as PJ64 only it’s updated a lot more frequently (and also very stable on linux).

PrimalHero avatar

I have not used it much to compare it. But this is a cross-platform emulator.

thisistotallynotme, in iOS DOOM running on Android through emulation.
thisistotallynotme avatar

This is some inception-level stuff here.

NotTheOnlyGamer, in iOS DOOM running on Android through emulation.
NotTheOnlyGamer avatar

touchHLE is definitely an interesting project. Glad to see it's mature enough to run Doom.

Auster, in A public sheet for ROMs and BIOS obtainable from official releases
Auster avatar

I didn't forget the post. Just busy days, those past few. ;-;

Adding a few more info on the Neo Geo titles now.

Auster avatar

Also put more info on the BIOS and Atari 2600 tabs, and inaugurated the Arcade, Atari Lynx and Intellevision tabs.

Auster, in A public sheet for ROMs and BIOS obtainable from official releases
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breadsmasher, in B2 Release b2-20240423-163255-0fcf3c3-prerelease ·
@breadsmasher@lemmy.world avatar

Context- BBC Micro emulator

I wish posts like these would have useful titles

PrimalHero avatar

It's on the top in the description

PrimalHero, in [Steam] Repugnant Bounty to be delisted "ASAP"
PrimalHero avatar

what has this to do with emulation?

Auster avatar

The game is emulated, so for those that like to collect commercially available ROMs, and going by the topic of this community, it seemed relevant.

PrimalHero avatar

Ok, fair

Fiivemacs, in Sound Blaster Emulator for DOS

This is only good if this comes with dr sbaitso or the talking parrot.

PrimalHero avatar

haha I agree

LazaroFilm, in Release Lime3DS 2105
@LazaroFilm@lemmy.world avatar

Didn’t Citra got taken down with the yuzu debacle?

PrimalHero avatar

Yes this a fork of citra

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