Pet Birds

Had to go to the vet

Poor Echo is still not herself. sleeps on me a good part of the day, not singing or talking much. So I took her to the vet on Thursday where she got fluids and they tried to take blood for a panel. She flinched and they had to abort the procedure until the hematoma heals. Budgies have so little blood and they have to tap the...

Uzi Bobuzi ( (

Attached: 1 image Buderigars (budgies) are the second smallest parrot species, parrotlets being the smallest. I have a budgie. Her name is Echolalia Floki Yog-Sothoth Campbell von Featherhead, Echo for short. Though she thinks her name is Chicken because we call her that more than anything. I knew budgies were smart before I got...

Echo's still not 100%

She's been off the amphotericin B for over a week now and she's been lethargic and relatively quiet. Mostly snuggles into my neck and sleeps most of the day. She's eating well though, and her poop is normal looking. And she's at her normal weight of 33 grams. I was thinking about taking her to the vet and stressing her out again...

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