EdwardPhilips, to Birds
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Morning all. I know it’s only Tuesday so let’s cheer ourselves up with a lovely wee yellowhammer. xx

#birds #vogel #tuesday #wallart #yellow #handmade #art

mnda, to Birds
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For the @universalhub patrol. Tired Tom Tucks In to Roxbury Oak Tree.

Cyanocitta, to Birds
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Warblers starting to come through the yard. Just saw the FOS Wilson's Warbler this evening.

#Birds #Birding

mikako6, to Birds
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During a walk, I spotted a beautiful bird in a residential area. Is it one of a species of sparrow?

#birds #japan

ahimsa_pdx, to Birds
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"A New Birding Club Wants to Help COVID Long-Haulers Safely Enjoy Nature Together"


"Ed Yong, an award-winning science journalist who widely covered the pandemic, recently launched The Spoonbill Club to provide community—and an accessible hobby—for folks with long COVID."


Albatrossity, to nature
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Even Yellow-rumped Warblers get feisty sometimes.

From yesterday, near Manhattan KS.

#Nature #NaturePhotography #Birds #Wildlife #NatureCommunity #Photography #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdPhotography #BirdWatching #FlyoverCountry #Migration #Warblers

GriffithPark, to Birds
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JimsPhotos, to nature
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cheriecreationstruck, to Birds
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baz, to Birds
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Posing at the park 😍
(Click to see the whole picture)
#birds #Edinburgh #Scotland

guidobibra, to photography
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Laszlo, to Birds German
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Amselnachwuchs im Garten

vogelflausch, to Birds German
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Good evening 🌒 from Germany 🇩🇪
From 2019: Puffin, Isle of May, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Have a perfect start into this new week, and of course, many, many 🥰

Laszlo, to Birds German
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Albatrossity, to nature
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doersino, to Birds
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Laszlo, to Birds German
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Laszlo, to Birds German
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Fly away

madargon, to drawing
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Round is round!
This one is Eurasian bullfinch. And it's one of few works I was really satisfied with final effect - finally something turned out as I imagined :blobcatjoy:​

doersino, to Birds
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Trilobyter, to Texas
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bjkingape, to Birds
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This great blue heron is a serious wader. #birds #birdphotography #nature #animals

tessa_murray, to Birds
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These Carnaby's Cockatoos are an endangered species, but currently there are hundreds of them at Yanchep National Park. I really struggle to take nice photos of birds en masse like this - I just don't have the eye to put any sort of composition or coherence into these images. It's just chaos.

mybirdcards, to Birds
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twotone, to random
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Today's dinosaur: a pair of sandhill cranes screaming at a hawk that had the audacity to land on the lawn 100s of meters away.

Cranes, you're bigger and buffer than the hawk...

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4/15 Dinosaur Report - I slept in this morning and didn't get good photos, but the sandhill crane colt is visibly bigger and getting leggier by the day.

Photos by my husband, who didn't sleep in and has a better camera than me.

A sandhill crane feeding its offspring (photo taken by my husband). The adult is bent over and passing something in its long beak to its offspring, which is standing and bending over to accept whatever it is.

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