I had one of these for a few years, it grew happily in my window and one day it just up and died. Went from happy and bushy to dead within a few days. :-(

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Aww, poor little guy.


I believe they go dormant.


I live in 10a and it was inside… I suspect my son poured something in it’s pot :-/

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Very cool plant. Apparently, several other members of the family Fabaceae also sleep at night (nyctinasty). I only found out about this when I started growing Delonix Regia. Here in Florida, it's fairly common to see people growing related mimosa trees. They have flowers very similar to those in your mimosa pudica picture but grow to 30ft tall.

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Yes! Its such a vast family. I never realized flame trees were a part of the same one.


I love these things. They're native to my country and I love when I can recognize one, even though they're considered a weed.

ClimbingBunny, (edited )
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Yes! I used to mess with them all the time when I was a kid. The novelty never goes away IMO

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