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Made a couple more #floral #decoupaged #ArtRocks & placed them at the base of one of my #ficus #ginseng #plants. There are 2 miniature glass #Mastodon figurines in the pot too.

I have 4 ficus ginseng aka #Chinese #banyan plants. I propagated 3 extra plants from one strong mother plant. I bring them inside for Fall-Winter. They stay outdoors from May-October - depending on weather/temperature.

#gardeners #IndoorOutdoorPlants #PlantLovers #AsianMastodon #bonsai

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compost, avatar

Our local and free is the best thing our local community has done for .

We can give the extra plants that love to volunteer in the and exchange a few , , plants, or garden tools that people want to share.

Here is the link to the FB group if you want to find some inspiration and start some for your community. It is my last reason to still use FB.

I sure wish had groups like this one.

Lizette603_23, avatar

@compost Don't do FB but love gardeners. Good on ya!

thepoliticalcat, avatar

@compost I will NEVER use Facebook. But perhaps you could start a Fediverse-wide Free Library for gardeners?

msquebanh, avatar
chris, avatar

@msquebanh my parents have an amazing Quince tree that produces gigantic fruit. I need to convince my wife.... 😆

msquebanh, avatar

@chris You can make so much different foods & alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks with them too. I hope your wife says, Yes - to quince tree.

msquebanh, avatar
msquebanh, (edited ) avatar

Something about #ferns & raindrops falling on still #waters, that instantly brings calming, #peaceful energies to my soul. #Nature provides many free to access & free to absorb, #HealingPowers 🙏💗

#Saanich #VictoriaBC #VanIsle #YYJ #PacificNorthwest #Cascadia #Wsanec #PNW #NatureHeals #MotherNature #NaturePhotography #DisabledPhotographers #WorldInMyEyes #YYJphotographers #photography #NatureNerd

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msquebanh, avatar

In Winter, we just move pots into unheated greenhouse & they keep on providing us food. Same with a few other salad greens.

msquebanh, avatar

@kellyromanych They're tasty greens!

bjkingape, avatar

"A fern has entered the record books for having more DNA than any other living thing." The fern is found in New Caledonia, in the Pacific.

Rihilism, avatar
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_L1vY_, avatar

@msquebanh Charming! 🌱🌿

msquebanh, avatar

@_L1vY_ Thank you ❤️👩‍🌾

Palaeojules, avatar

Happy . Here's my illustration of Williamsoniella coronata, a bisexual bennettitalean cone from the Middle of Yorkshire, England. This plant had a cone with both male (bright yellow outer) and female (inner cone) sections.

msquebanh, avatar

Switching to - showing y'all this wonderful volunteer plant that decided to grow out of rocks in our front yard! What a lovely surprise 😊

msquebanh, avatar

@somcak Some lettuces are easier than others. Buttercrunch lettuces & regular romaine are easier than other varieties. They bolt fast in high heat so it's good to keep harvesting to slow down bolting if you're in high heat zones.

msquebanh, avatar
msquebanh, avatar

Back in our gardens.

#SoapBush - #Ceanothus - Great for #PollinatorGarden.

It's proven to be #DroughtResistant, once established. One of very few #plants proven to be resistant to air pollution too. I highly recommend this for #ClimateAction #gardening. It's a gorgeous plant too.

#bloomscrolling #florespondence #WhatsInMyGarden #Saanich #Gardeners #VictoriaBC #Gardening #Zone8 #YYJ #Spring #Wsanec #VancouverIsland #PacificNorthwest #PNW #botanical #PlantIdentification

chris, avatar

@msquebanh sounds delicious. I will be over the moon if we manage to get a handful of small Apples from our young trees. Patience will pay off. :)

michaelrussell, avatar

@msquebanh Much bigger than my apples here in the Fraser Valley at this point. Do you have any issues with Apple Maggots there? I have to bag each apple in a nylon stocking when I thin them. The ones I miss are completely riddled with worm holes/trails by harvest time.

Adrenochrome, German avatar
beatekurth, avatar

@Adrenochrome klasse Foto! 🤩

Theosuwb, avatar

@Adrenochrome @MaJ1 just for you Maj! Have a wonderful evening! 🙏🏻🐿️🐿️

Adrenochrome, German avatar
Adrenochrome, German avatar
Adrenochrome, German avatar

❤️👽One of the most amazing mantises you can find in Spain is the Empusa pennata, also known as the conehead mantis.

📸: @malbafont_macrophotography
By #NatureAndAnimals
#NaturePhotography #Plant #Plants #Flower #Flowers #Animal #Animals #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography #Photographer

cascadepine, avatar

Layers of spirals - uncoiling frond of a Deer Fern (Blechnum spicant).

mikako6, avatar

A typhoon is approaching.
Red propellers withstand the wind.

Strong branches will break, but the soft and something flexible will overcome adversity.

#plants #seeds #trees #Japanesemaple #rainyday #japan

bjkingape, avatar

A hopeful story from botany, about rosy saxifrage: "A plant that went extinct in the wild has been re-introduced to the UK mainland. We can’t tell you the exact location - it’s a secret, to keep it safe."

RonjaBiernat, Dutch avatar

The chillies and I watching the rain.

Luckily, after a few hours in the sun, I was able to get the plants inside just before the rain started.


ai6yr, (edited ) avatar

Hmm, I should know what this weed is, temporarily adding it to my list. (Update: this is almost certainly Pseudognaphalium californicum -- California Rabbit-Tobacco)

kellyromanych, avatar

@ai6yr looks like California everlasting, Pseudognaphalium californicum

BegoniaArizona, avatar

@ai6yr possibly Pearly Everlasting aka anaphalis margaritacea

RonjaBiernat, Dutch avatar

Oh wow, the first flower. I can hardly believe it. What do I do now?

Suggestions on pollination methods for indoor chilli plants are more than welcome.


arose62, avatar

@RonjaBiernat @plants @gardening @homegrownfood @gardening

1: Grab a cotton bud/q-tip/small, soft paintbrush
2: Brush the pollen around onto the inside of the petals. Just a twirling motion inside the flowers will do. Think like a bee as you do it.

SubtleBlade, avatar
vanitarium, avatar

@Wen @SubtleBlade
OMG surely they were paid handsomely fro Riski overseas account……

Wen, avatar

@vanitarium @SubtleBlade not his money, never his or his families. Cash flows one way only.

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