Safe Network a secure, autonomous p2p network

Safe Network Update 07 December, 2023 (

This week we’ve all hands on deck, filling holes, bashing in nails and replacing rotten timbers in the previous testnet so we can launch the thing of beauty that is the ReduceConnectionsNet, which thus far seems to be sailing along pretty nicely. So what were those things? Well, we’d gone from requiring three verified spends...

Safe Network #Testnet NoClientGossipDiscovery [24/11/23 ] (

Hot on the heals of NoClientGossip, we’ve a tweaked version of the code which aims to improve the network discovery setup. As mentioned in the update, it looks like some nodes did not know enough of the network, leading to assumptions of responsibility over more and more data, and so filling up and failing to store new data....

Safe Network Update 23 November, 2023 (

The most important news to communicate this week, for those that haven’t heard, is the winding down of the Bittrex exchange. After 4th December only withdrawals from Bittrex will be possible. Anyone who has MAID on Bittrex needs to take it off the exchange sooner rather than later and store their tokens in an Omni-compatible...

Safe Network Update 09 November, 2023 (

For the next testnet we hope to put to bed the memory issues that sank the last one, so that’s been our focus this week. The pay-one-node branch is looking good, and with a bit more testing will be ready to merge. It should reduce memory usage compared to the previous approach of paying all nodes that store a chunk. As we...

Safe Network Update 02 November, 2023 (

Well, it was bound to happen some time. After a run of successes, the RoyaltiesPaymentNet was cursed by high memory usage which killed off many nodes before they could even start, and left the rest pretty much zombified. The spooky thing is it all worked fine on our internal testnets (albeit with some slightly raised memory...

Safe Network Update 26 October, 2023 (

Over the past few years we’ve often sympathised with Sisyphus in the Greek legend. Sisyphus had to push a boulder up a hill for eternity only for it to go rolling back down again as soon as he neared the summit. Not wishing to tempt the notoriously vengeful Greek gods, but we’re increasingly certain that this time we’ve...

Safe Network Update 19 October, 2023 (

It’s great to have got to the stage that client side at least we can check into the forum, ask for logs when something isn’t working and fix it on the fly. Case in point, the problem with missing chunks when downloading large files. In that case it was a matter of batching chunks when downloading. In fact it’s been a good...

Woop, another testnet: HeapNet2!!! [12/10/23] (

Here we’re looking to further test out some client fixes to various timeouts and other issues we’ve applied in the course of the prior testnet. We’ll also be keeping an eye out for “lost nodes” (nodes that start but do not appear to join the network successfully). We’ve removed code to this end, that seems to have...

Safe Network Update 12 October, 2023 (

With the HeapNet2 testnet having just left the launchpad, it’s time to review the previous one, MemDebugNet. MemDebugNet served us extremely well, before inevitably spiralling into Weimar Republic territory due to the highest StoreCost in a close group being the one that gets paid. We are changing how that works by discarding...

Safe Network Weekly Update 5 October, 2023 (

We’ve had two testnets on the go in the last week, aiming to clarify issues in replication and at the client, as well as investigating the mem increases we’ve seen across nodes. So far, while we’re still seeing client issues, we’ve been able to clarify what’s going on there and so fixes to failed CashNote reads, and...

Woop another testnet!! MemDebugNet [4/10/23] (

We’ve another testnet hopeful to address some replication flows (or at least give us more insight into any issue) and to allow for sampling of node memory for debugging any memory leaks that may still persist (or at least identify if it is just the cost of connections thus far). We’ve other improvements to logging around the...

Safe Network Update 28 September, 2023 (

This week we’ve been looking at the results of the testnet and working on fixes for bugs. The first thing to note is that, to make debugging easier, the testnet was deliberately unforgiving, with a chunk having to be replicated to all eight close group nodes to be considered valid. That said, it did unearth some strangeness...

Safe Network #Testnet DataDebugNet [ 28/09/23] (

Yet another testnet that anyone can try out (on Windows, Mac and LInux). Test aims: firstly we want to be sure if removing the attempted kad-caching has helped with data-put reliability (as described in the dev update. This is our main point to dig in on for this testnet, hopefully gaining a bit more clarity via… The new...

Safe Network Testnet: ClientImprovementNet [22/09/23] (

Another day another #testnet! After the last IntolerantNodeNet, we’re looking more concretely at the client. One part of the last testnet was aiming to see how clients performed with the concurrency and batch-size arguments, but a bug in StoreCost retrieval largely scuppered that effort. Here we want to: Confirm our fix is in...

Safe Network Update 21 September, 2023 (

As beta approaches.. we’ll soon be launching a new testnet to fix some of the annoying niggles with payment verification and store cost revealed by the previous one. Basically, we were starting payment validation too quickly, leading to repayments occurring needlessly. We have also made some changes to the logging, including...

Safe Network Testnet: IntolerantNodeNet [18/09/23] (

Another week, another wee testnet. We’re looking to verify various changes we’ve worked on since the last… Most notably the pricing curve has changed, it’s now much more granular (a new price at each step) and stays cheaper for longer. We also have various client improvements to reduce memory when working with larger...

The SAFE Network: A Deep Dive into the Wisdom of Natural Systems (

As we venture into the realm of decentralised systems, it’s crucial to heed the lessons that nature offers. Our planet has spent over 4 billion years perfecting systems that are both efficient and resilient, without the need for unnatural constructs like network-wide consensus or total order. By embracing these principles, the...

Safe Network Dev Update 03 August, 2023 on Kbin (

Thanks to everyone who’s participated in the DataPaymentNet testnet. It has performed its role magnificently, telling us that the fundamentals of data payments are sound, even if the UX leaves a little to be desired still. We’ve lost a few nodes after a replication spike the community spotted last night. But we’ve still...

Safe Network Update 07 September, 2023 (

Call it synchronicity, a confluence of decentralised thinking, or longstanding issues coming to a head, but just as @dirvine was chatting to the team this week about protection against Sybil attacks, a post by @sundata87 popped up alerting us to Vitalik Buterin’s thoughts on the topic. David’s initial response, for those...

Safe Network test: RewardNet [04/09/23] (

After a successful DialNet we’re looking to test our reworked payment process. Now instead of badly guesstimating costs on the network, we ask each and every node how much they’d like and pay that. (This can be tweaked to avoid bad actors easily enough). As such, every node will receive rewards for PUTs directly! (Note: you...

Safe Network Update 31 August, 2023 (

The DialNet testnet, launched this morning, contains some improvements to the issue of dialling unroutable peers - the one that was causing some nodes to remain chunkless. We have what we believe to be a fix in place now which we want to test out. It will still need some tweaking for performance, but we want to try it in the...

Safe Network test: DialNet [31/08/23 Testnet] (

Over the past weeks we have seen some nodes that do not receive records. On further inspection, it seemed like peers of such nodes didn’t add them to their routing table. In essence this means those nodes aren’t seen as part of the network, but function like clients. When a new node connects to its peers, those peers have to...

Safe Network Update 24 August, 2023 (

We continue to refine features ready for the next testnet, notably introducing pay-per-chunk and UTXO. Paying per chunk means treating each chunk individually rather than the client bundling them into a merkle-tree and asking nodes for a quote on that file. Now clients query each node in the close group for the price of storing...

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