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"No, I’m sorry, Thunderbird’s calendar isn’t a good calendar. It’s dialog boxes from 1998 coming up with that “donk!” sound, not being dismissable immediately, and also coming up twice for no reason, or telling you that you modified the event when you didn’t"

@nadim writes about the (bad) state of calendar software on desktop.

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Dnsmasq wins the first BlueHats Prize!

Dnsmasq provides network addressing for small networks: DNS, DHCP, router advertisement and network boot.

Dnsmasq creator & maintainer Simon Kelley said: "This prize is valuable financially, but much more so as a mark of public recognition that dnsmasq is still something that's worth doing."

The € 10 000 BlueHats prizes aim to place maintainers of critical in the spotlight.

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The article on Descent 3 being made open source was updated, as the licensing on the code seems to be an issue at the moment

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New on the #LibreOffice dev blog: testing crashes to avoid creating re-creating regressions: #foss #opensource

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Just wanted to share what I did recently!

I created a little JS tool that is pinging a YT or PT API in order to get the follower counter and display the number on a html page customizable through CSS.
I did it because Peertube lacks an instrument like that which allows you to show the followers number on the OBS scene. With this tool you can just add the html page to OBS.

Code is FOSS! I hope PT adds my tool to the docs :)

#streaming #foss #dev #help #improve #peertube

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MPV 0.38.0 video player rolls out with new scripting options, enhanced macOS functionality, and Vulkan support.

ProvenPudding, to php avatar

If you’re a developer waiting for the to start, why not review this patch? 👀 It improves ’s slug generation code and opens up for new possibilities. ☀️

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As both a fan, and a fan, I was inspired by the print linked below to create my own sign to show my support for the Crew on my desk at my office at work.

So, I fired up to make the SVG, and then to create the 3d model that I then 3D printed. I printed the yellow part separate and glued it in.

So glad to have such great tools to make ideas reality. Can’t forget and .

Screenshot of the Columbus Crew logo as modeled in FreeCAD. FreeCAD is running on MacOS.
Screenshot of the Columbus Crew logo as created in Inkscape. Inkscape is running on MacOS.
Photo of a portion of the Columbus Crew logo as 3d printed on the bed of a Prusa Mk3S+ 3d printer.

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I am incredibly curious as to how the HDMI-in works on the ROC-RK3588 SoC. Specifically the latency of it, how many ms/frames behind the input it is.

Specifically this chip/board which is also the same SoC as in this set

Any folk on here have one and tested that aspect? (Boosts appreciated)

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The latest LXQt 2.0 is here with dual Qt5 & Qt6 support, optimized for Wayland, a new Fancy Menu, and more.

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Some enterprises, in the wake of , are focusing on their metrics for dependencies they ingest..... rather than investing money, developer time, or other resources* to directly support maintainers.

But as I mentioned to a friend recently:

If downstreams do not provide at least as much support as a motivated attacker would, we're likely to continue to get these kinds of outcomes - & to be deceived, as attackers shape their efforts to trick the metrics.

chaosmonkey, avatar

@brainwane I've done a fair bit of work in my time, in various areas but mostly dev work.

While I still work on open source, I've scaled down my work and narrowed it quite a bit.... despite still believing that all code should be .

Here's some / experiences from my time as a FOSS dev:

  • at most 1 percent of users contribute back, even less so in monetary ways
  • Apart from time and (to live), equipment was my big blocker (10+ years old hardware)


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Tabs vs. Spaces entered the chat just moments in the first session of morning keynotes at

lilithsaintcrow, to random avatar

"Our online spaces are not ecosystems, though tech firms love that word. They’re plantations; highly concentrated and controlled environments, closer kin to the industrial farming of the cattle feedlot or battery chicken farms that madden the creatures trapped within."

aral, avatar

@lilithsaintcrow @laguiri Well, some of us are trying and it would be amazing if folks actually funded us so we could continue to exist and do our work.

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new post!
Solo-Devs and Risk-Takers (An Artistic Exploration of Experimental Tools)
"Exploring experimental digital work will always be very new by principle that this is an ever growing possibility space where anyone’s wildest dreams can be made true…”

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I was thinking specifically of the Utils incident when I wrote this weeks column calling for an tax credit for developers.

“A 2024 Harvard study valued [open source software] at $8.8 trillion.

A software project may be initially undertaken by a single developer as a hobbyist project, but … maintenance and security updates require long-term commitments, often by an entire community of developers.”

@floss @law

manualdousuario, to foss avatar

The beauty of free and open source software () licenses is the possibilities that it opens up for better futures to abandoned or spoiled software. Three recent examples involving the late Simple Mobile Tools, Geometric Weather and OpenBoard apps.


gamingonlinux, to Steamdeck avatar

Asymmetrical indirect control RTS game Roboden now Steam Deck Verified (it's also free and open source)

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Für Mädchen* haben wir noch eine Einladung:

Am 25. April ist der , bei dem Mädchen* eingeladen sind, in "typische Männerberufe" hineinzuschnuppern.

Wir zeigen zusammen mit dem @linuxhotel in , wie man Elektronik und Software selber baut und was die Leute in einem Schulungshotel machen, das die Admins großer Online-Dienste ausbildet.

Drei Plätze sind noch frei:

Gerne weitersagen!

pieq, to python avatar

Hello! I'm looking for some documentation about #GTK, more specifically #GTK4 and its #Python bindings.

I would like to develop a very simple UI, with:

  • full screen mode activated by default
  • a blurred picture as a background
  • some text on the right of the screen

Thanks in advance, Fediverse! :)


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Wavacity, free FOSS web port of Audacity, powerful audio editor
#foss #web #audio #editor

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Here is a fun thing you can try.

Go to github, sign in, and follow the fedi projects, , , , etc. for awhile ... you shall be overwhelmed with all of the email notifications detailing all of the work being done!

Kind of amazing.

I know this goes for any major project, but in particular is being banged on relentlessly by many developers, all day, every day.

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Today more companies are announcing their support of the Valkey community (the group that includes committed developers previously working on the OSS version of the core Redis engine): Aiven, Alibaba Cloud, Chainguard, Heroku, Huawei, Percona, and Verizon.

msw, avatar

The Valkey community is announcing their first source code release: version 7.2.5. Now available for download from GitHub and usable via the project's official Docker image.

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Running a Mastodon instance like Newsie and Journa involves increasing hosting and maintenance costs.

We do that without selling ads or your data.

But we NEED your help:

Contribute: Every contribution, big or small, makes a huge difference.

Via Open Collective:

Your support helps keep the lights on,

jeff, avatar


You and I believe the same thing...

Operational costs of running a larger mastodon instance are simply too high and "beg-ware" is a failed approach.

However I am not interested in anything that isn't #FOSS

As I've previously stated I've contemplated building the sponsorship module, but not entirely sure that it's the right project for the moment as MAU in Mastodon is declining.

We'll see.

#mastodon #mastoadmin

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