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Have any of you Rust developers ever used Skytable and been satisfied so far? Is it also 100% open source or do I have to pay attention to something like SurrealDB and can GraphQL or something similar also be used on it?

🦀 https://skytable.io
⚙️ https://surrealdb.com
⚙️ https://graphql.org

arendjr, to rust
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Time for another progress update on integrating GritQL into @biomejs : https://github.com/biomejs/biome/discussions/2585

#Rust #WebDev #OpenSource #Programming

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A victory! I have about 2K words of the async-await chapter drafted. It’s still all in suuuuuper early draft mode, but I managed to get past that first big roadblock and decide on how I want to introduce things. 🚀

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We are not bowing down to our digital masters, I promise!

kubikpixel, to email German
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Dies finde ich sehr löblich und bin gespannt wie diesbezüglich M$ nach zieht und evt. u.a. z.B. OpenPGP & ect. integriert?

»Sicherheit und Performance – Thunderbird stellt Exchange-Mail auf Rust um:
Das @thunderbird Team integriert die Exchange-Anbindung künftig nativ mit @rust, um Sicherheit und Performance zu erhöhen und die Modernisierung voranzutreiben.«

📧 https://www.heise.de/news/Sicherheit-und-Performance-Thunderbird-stellt-Exchange-Mail-auf-Rust-um-9694899.html

piecritic, to rust
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So I'm hiring for a role using Rust and Solid.js. Preferably someone in Sweden, but can be anyone in the EU. The role can be fully remote, but it is preferable if we can share a whiteboard sometimes.

Neither Rust nor Solid.js knowledge is required, but familiarity with a sensible backend language and React-like APIs is a good indicator if the role is for you. :)

cjk, to GNOME
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Pika Backup is really the best backup implementation I've seen in years. ❤️

#gnome #PikaBackup

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@cjk Works on top of #borgbackup and written in #Rust, nice!

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janriemer, to rust

C++ will be taken over by .

What will be the Rust-equivalent for ?

I mean is a very good first step, but it's basically the C++ for C.

So in short:
C => C++
JavaScript ≈> TypeScript
C++ =>
JavaScript => ???

I think it will be a looong way to go, but maybe, maybe we'll see more and more in the , but not quite sure yet.


thunderbird, to rust
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Thunderchat alert! 🚨

Our Rust and Exchange Community Office Hours start in one hour, at 16:00 UTC! Find out how to join us on Big Blue Button in our blog post. Hope to see you there! 🦀


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'Global State of Rust' is the talk Rust Survey Team Co-lead Jakub Beránek will give at RustNL 2024's Industry Track

This track is about Rust adoption for decision makers, to learn from industry peers' experiences.

Tickets and info here: https://2024.rustnl.org/industry/

janriemer, to rust

Clippy's lints for dealing with #async in #Rust:


(Note, that this is just a search for the term "async" in the Clippy docs - there is no special "category" involved here).

#RustLang #RustAsync #Clippy

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cargo-semver-checks v0.31 is out ✨

Inspired by @Mara's awesome Rust release threads, I put together a thread of the new goodies in this release 👇

dcz, to ReverseEngineering
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If you like #ReverseEngineering , go ahead and take a look at #dcraw . It's one of the finest examples of write-only C code bases I've had the displeasure to learn from.


case 274: /* Orientation */
tiff_ifd[ifd].flip = "50132467"[get2() & 7]-'0';

I dig that #libopenraw is now fixing that. And not even because it's in #Rust. I can actually follow the code!


#programming #opensource #photography #C

cheukting_ho, to rust
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Welcome to the 10th birthday of

Make sure to check out my talk later today with @terezaif about @pypodcats : https://pretalx.com/pyconde-pydata-2024/talk/BYH8Y8/

and my workshop tomorrow’s about and : https://pretalx.com/pyconde-pydata-2024/talk/8C83EA/


laund, to rust
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"Make the safe path the convenient path"

This is a underestimated concept which applies to any language. I only internalised it while learning and its one of those things i now apply in any language i use.

frankel, to rust
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I wrote previously about libs for error management in . This week, I want to write about the block, an experimental feature.


renedudfield, to rust
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Was crate digging for no_std #rust goodies, because miserable outside today. Morning was great but 🌞

Some cool stuff in there.
And then I saw a yak.
That needed shaving.
And where did the day go?

hongminhee, to Matrix
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, a client app for , is pleasing to the eye and very convenient to use! Maybe it's because it's written in but it doesn't crash at all.


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NixRust, to heidelberg
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For our next @nixos_org and @rust meetup on Monday, April 29, we'll try something new:

Instead of one Nix talk, we will do a round of short Nix lightning talks and a Nix Q&A session where you can raise questions and problems that you encountered while using Nix or NixOS, or that so far prevent you from using them. If you want to present a lightning talk (5-10min), feel free to send us a message.


janriemer, to rust

Currently reading "Asynchronous Programming in Rust" by Carl Fredrik Samson 📕


I'm 1/3 through and so far I have to say it is really well written! :ferris:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

iw, to bevy
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This year, I have a goal of programming a software application every quarter (~13 weeks / 90 days).

My first completed application was a game in the #Bevy game engine written in #Rust that is a rogue like game displayed in an emulated terminal emulator.

I learned a lot about Entity Component Systems, the benefit of design docs, and became a more knowledgeable ("better"?) programmer as a result.

I wrote about the project and my experience here:


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