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Not from the Onion : Ukrainian soldiers are opening up American 155-mm M864 cluster shells presumably in order to use its submunitions as independent lethal weapons for dropping from copters.


@faab64 So with "cluster" munitions being bad. This effectively would un-bad them without sacrificing the munition, right?


@Froyn @faab64 cluster munitions are effective, awesome, and historically great at defeating shit stain countires. The only time they aren’t great, is when they aren’t killing authoritarian shit stain country Nazi fcks ie. , and also other foot note countries.

nilsskirnir, (edited )
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@faab64 Reportedly the usual delivery mechanism, howitzer, has been less effective than hoped. Due to the high volume of shells, the barrels have need repeated maintenance. Said maintenance has to be conducted in Poland because Ukraine doesn’t have the capability. There is also some question about whether Ukraine military had the discipline to do PM in the field.


This is really f-ed up

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@faab64 Modern war is a greedy SOB. Even a limited one, as the Russian invasion, is chewing up resources in Europe and US.


We could have avoided it long time ago.

But freaking BoJo pushed the idiot Zelensky out of the agreement.

Now UK wants to send troops to Ukraine

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@faab64 I reckon for the over-wealthy, soldiers’ lives are cheaper than weaponry and would avoid some tax increase. Britain has always been keen to control the Black Sea. Made some sense when it was a world power. Doesn’t make much now when it’s a bankrupt shell.

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