AK Press Joint Book Launch of Remaking Society by Murray Bookchin and Recovering Bookchin by Andy Price

On June 20th at 5pm est, join Bill McKibben, Debbie Bookchin, Shane Burley, and Marina Sitrin for READING BOOKCHIN TODAY, a joint book launch of Remaking Society by Murray Bookchin and Recovering Bookchin by the late Andy Price, published by AK Press in 2022.

Link to register for Zoom

Against the backdrop of the deepening ecological crisis, extreme economic inequality, and rising authoritarianism worldwide, a better path forward is needed as never before. For those of us who strive for a better world, Murray Bookchin’s work provides a theoretical and practical framework that can guide our struggles for liberation.

As Debbie Bookchin and Marina Sitrin write in the new foreword to the reissued Remaking Society, “Bookchin teaches us that the ecological crisis we face today is grounded in domination of humans over humans. He argues that we cannot solve the ecological crisis and thus the climate crisis without eliminating domination in the social sphere, including but not limited to gender and patriarchy, race and ethnic hierarchy, age, ableism, and economics.”

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Social Ecology and the SUNY Binghamton Department of Sociology

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