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hedge, (edited )
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Ok, excellent! That’s what I’m looking to do, thanks!

EDIT: Also, I can confirm that this works. Again, thank you.

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Hi Helix, it’s a QNAP TS-251A, not sure what the software version is (or what it is, QTS?); where would I find that? I remember trying to install Nextcloud on it at one point and almost had to have myself committed after repeated failures (I’m not really that tech savvy 🙁, but I try . . . ). Can you point me to some instructions on how to install Docker on QNAP? I’m not sure what you mean when you say that sync is not a backup, although I may be using the term incorrectly. How do you define a backup? Thanks for your response.

EDIT: Also, would you say that I’m moving in the right direction here, moving from, I guess, a scheduled backup (?) to a continuous sync-type setup w/Syncthing if I have issues with slowness? I’m also waiting for Tuta(nota)'s legendary and forever forthcoming TutaDrive as another possible solution, but that’s probably still pretty far off.

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Ok, I see: yes, I am set up to do weekly snapshots with Timeshift, and the syncing is for data files. As for corrupted files, I’m not so sure about that; I don’t believe I’ve ever had a problem with this, but . . . 🤔

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@Helix, thanks very much for taking the time to pass all this on. Thanks also to @bedrooms, @jlow, @MagicShel, & @furrowsofar. It’ll take a little time for me to wrap my poor fading brain around all this, so I may have more to add in a bit, but again, thank you!

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Um , , , sorry, what’s a diff tool?

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Android: Settings>Account>PIN reminders OFF?

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I can relate, believe me. Also, thanks for making me feel special that once in a while (well once) I can offer someone a solution instead of just asking for them. 😁

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I like and use Relay as well. Probably a very naive thought, but couldn’t Mozilla just ask for donations the way Wikipedia does?

👻 Customizing a Ghost(.org) theme, having trouble with fonts 🤦

Let me start off by saying that I barely know what I’m doing here: I’m taking over a web page from someone who can’t maintain it anymore. It’s currently using WordPress(.org), for, I guess, CMS, but after doing some research, I really liked the look of Ghost, and so I’m trying to recreate the current page there, though...

ajsadauskas, to cars
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Dude, where's my self-driving car?

A good look at The Verge about the history of false claims made by the Silicon Valley hype machine around self-driving cars:

"In 2015, the then-lead of Google’s self-driving car project Chris Urmson said one of his goals in developing a fully driverless vehicle was to make sure that his 11-year-old son would never need a driver’s license.

"The subtext was that in five years, when Urmson’s son turned 16, self-driving cars would be so ubiquitous, and the technology would be so superior to human driving, that his teenage son would have no need nor desire to learn to drive himself.

"Well, it’s 2024, and Urmson’s son is now 20 years old. Any bets on whether he got that driver’s license?"



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I think what bothers me most about the whole self-driving car thing is how uncritical and accepting the press was of all the various claims being made by Big Tech while they were covering it (that’s how it seemed to me, at any rate).

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