The pleasure paradox (

Most agree that health is better than sickness, abundance is better than poverty, and peace is better than war. But many now point to a fundamental problem. Despite better access to healthcare, education, and more disposable income, cases of depression have increased by over 50% worldwide since 1997. Research shows that richer...

Socrates thought philosophy’s role was to prepare us for death, yet most doctrines largely omit the experience and meaning of grief – of dealing with the death of a loved one. Music, and aesthetics more broadly, can help fill that gap. | Kathleen Higgins (

Philosophers have had surprisingly little to say about the experience and meaning of grief. In this interview, Kathleen Higgins rights that wrong and argues that grief has a deep connection to art, especially music, in the way it disrupts but also reorients our relationship to the world and others.

OC If there was a personalized universe. Would you go there?

Imagine a future where technology has advanced to an extent enabling the creation of an customized universe, for every individual. This extraordinary realm would be finely tuned to match each persons preferences, values and aspirations. Within this universe individuals would have control over their surroundings and experiences....

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