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ELI5: How is Amazon able to sell me books so much cheaper than brick and mortar book stores in my area

I like shopping in book stores. There’s something about wandering the aisles and waiting for a book to jump out at you that I can’t get shopping online. Unfortunately, whenever I compare the price of a book Amazon has every in-person store beat, often pricing their offerings 30%-50% lower (or around $10/book in my...

Why filter blue light instead of not emitting it in the first place in a situation involving a computer display and a human observer with no other sources of blue light? (kbin.social)

What is the natural science reason to wear blue light eyeglasses instead of just turning one’s computer display’s blue lights off or very low in spaces where there are no other sources of blue light than the screen the person is watching? Suppose that the person has perfect visual acuity without eyeglasses. Suppose also that...

ELI5: How are unexploded cluster munitions not a solved problem? (kbin.social)

I really don’t have a lot of background on cluster munitions; it only really came into my perception in response to the controversy over the US providing them to Ukraine. As I understand it, the controversy is because they often don’t all explode reliably, and unexploded munitions can then explode months or years later when...

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