April 12th, a Friday

In some bizarre brain melt while in one hyperfocused fandom I finally strayed into a couple of WIPs that have been ignored for a time. Here's to hoping maybe I can have something to show for the Finish What You Started Challenge?

One is a f/f Sakuna: Rice and Ruin but the f/f is too realistic because it barely gets addressed (hopefully I'll be able to pull it more forward in edits?) but to be fair the focus is largely on these two idiots better understanding each other (that's the hottest thing ever right?).

And the other is a crack crossover involving staples and rodents. The little I did write before was honestly just for a joke to annoy friends but now my mind has a better idea on how to expand it.

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Ah, also forgot to add that I finally started expanding my dreamwidth blog! Don't quite understand the limits of posting images but hosting on another spot like tumblr is no big deal.

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Oh shit. Finish What You Started? When was that starting? When is it ending? I've forgotten everything.

I'm so deep in the HH/HB brainrot. Perhaps it is because I'm not wanting to write a duel, but I'm in Duelist Kingdom and the first duel is finally starting. There is so much of this story I want to write, but why so much Duel Monsters? No wonder both the manga and the anime made up whatever they wanted when it came to the game. It's easier than writing consistent rules.

I'm preparing for Domaystic in the meanwhile. I like having a lot of those prompts at least prepared so I can post daily in May. Hopefully I'll manage with it.

Can't believe you are doing more Squirrel Stapler.

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Started somewhere in March and I know it ends when April does. I cannot find the original post that mentions it on here for some reason. And further frustrating because I feel it has to also be a dreamwidth post but I also can't find that.

Yeah. The actual card game lol. Perhaps has anyone tried replaying that duel with the real cards that you can reference? I remember there was a video some time ago where a few duelist played out Sugoroku's deck against Seto's to find out in delight that because Sugoroku's deck is literally full of "pathetic cards" it makes Seto's virus strat completely useless lol.

Do you have a link for the Domaystic prompts? It would be nice to see if any of them will play with me.

listen. for some reason i desire more surrealist bullshit ok

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Well, I'm not doing a great job with Finishing then. Oh well. XD

A friend helped me make real decks for everyone in Duelist Kingdom, so I'm good on that front. It's still hard work to make it all something interesting to read. But I've gotten some compliments on my writing of duels so far, so it's worth the effort to put into it!

Link to Domaystic coming right up!

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So I completely misremembered and the challenge is a tumblr post.

I know my big issue if I was writing would be the rng aspect of the game, thus the idea of referencing an actual play. I have no idea how much the change of proper rules have completely destroyed the ability for you to echo the original duel, let alone a replication(?) duel. I hope you'll allow yourself forgiveness of a possibly sloppy card play as the more you get through this arc it will only get better (in the meantime, regardless of the card play quality, you have the rest that reads out so well!).

Thank you!

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