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Promise to phase out fossil fuels removed from a non-binding draft agreement.

Clearly, climate change was actually gonna be solved if they left it in. Whole thing is a giant waste of time like Paris and Copenhagen and everything else before.


Between the start of the COP and now we were able to reduce the expected warming from 3.5 to 2.5 degrees. Claiming it was a giant waste of time completely neglects the complexity of getting 200 countries on the same page.

Rentlar, (edited )

Montreal and Kyoto protocols did something, and Paris and Copenhagen are at least things we can point to when politicians don’t live up to their promises.

If we can’t even set up a meaningful goal here then this one is useless, except that I can use it to point to Dubai failing at doing anything but placating fossil fuel interests. From there, the rest of the world should just focus on transitioning away from OPEC reliance by investing in renewable energy sources.

E: fixed a word


Did nobody see the thread yesterday about Saudi Arabia blocking this? You didn’t need to read the thread or the article, the headline was enough. The fix was in. It was probably in from before the last COP summit.

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Did anyone seriously believe in a different outcome?


Maybe an oil company shouldn’t be running this?


COP out




It’s not COP28’s fault, how could it NOT be a bastard if it’s named cop!

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Maybe COP29.

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