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Head of Canada’s intelligence agency warns Canadians not to use TikTok

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Donald Trump suggests Biden will be ‘jacked up’ on drugs for presidential debates.

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Netflix’s One Hundred Years of Solitude brings fame to Gabriel García Márquez’s Colombian hometown

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In an interview with CNN, Defense Minister of Ukraine Rustem Umyerov talked about the operational situation on the battlefield. In particular, the Russians' attempt to open a second front in the Kharkiv region and how the Ukrainian army is resisting it.

The minister also outlined his vision of Putin's plans for the near future and told whether the defense lines near Kharkiv are sufficient.


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"For the first time during the war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have enough artillery shells."

  • President Zelensky

"None of the brigades are complaining about a lack of shells, and this has been the case for the past two months," he added.

After a Republican blockade was removed, US weaponry now pouring into Ukraine!

President Biden
President Zelensky

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Vladimir Putin's gamble backfires as Ukraine vigorously hits back after Russian advance

Kremlin troops attacked the north-eastern region of Kharkiv this week, with many experts fearing the war could be swinging in Moscow's favour.

Has western weapons arrived in the nick of time?

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Justice Alito throws dirt on the Constitutional process!

One of the homes flying an inverted flag during that time was the residence of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, in Alexandria, Virginia, according to photographs and interviews with neighbors.

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Battles for Vovchansk : border guards under enemy fire make their way to their comrades for reinforcements

The occupiers continue to fire on the civilian population. As the head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov reported, the Russians hit the village of Bugayivka, Vovchansk community, with cluster munitions. As a result, six people were injured:


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More Italian flooding, caused by man-made global warming.
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A series of floods hit northern Italy

Heavy rains flooded Lombardy, in particular the fashion capital Milan. Other northern regions - Veneto and Piedmont - were also affected. Over the past 24 hours, more than a thousand rescue operations have been carried out here, the Italian fire and rescue service reported.

Also, due to the rains, the Retrone River overflowed its banks.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #breaking #breakingnews #Italy #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis


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MAGA dumbfucks have no idea that Trump raped E. Jean Carroll because Fox News never told them.

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German police raid pro-Palestinian group in Duisburg over alleged Hamas support and antisemitism

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An expert on deceptive communication says the jury might not like that is sitting with his eyes closed instead of making eye contact – or they might view it as him sending a message.

That’s just one of the observations he has, in a discussion with a former federal judge about this week’s testimony:

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NATO top commander says Russia has insufficient numbers for breakthrough in Kharkiv Oblast.

Russian forces in Kharkiv Oblast do not have enough numbers to make a "strategic breakthrough" of Ukrainian defenses there, said General Christopher Cavoli, NATO's top commander in Europe, at a press conference on May 16.

Russia has been losing 1,500 or more men per day as they attack Kharkiv

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Was Taxpayer Money Used to Fly MAGA lemmings to NY?

Sen. J.D. Vance’s explanation for visiting Donald Trump during the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s hush money trial in New York drew mockery on social media.

“I was there to support a friend,” Vance (R-Ohio).

MAGA Lemmings Draw Salaries From US Taxpayers!

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Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott issued a full pardon Thursday to a former U.S. Army sergeant convicted of murder for fatally shooting an armed demonstrator in 2020 during nationwide protests against police violence and racial injustice.

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"Ukraine only needs two more Patriot systems. Russia will not be able to capture Kharkiv if Ukraine has them."

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‘He needs a lobotomy!’ Donald Trump’s former aide raises cognitive health alarm

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