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Well, maybe don’t have the crowds stand that close to the rocket if you don’t want them ignited.

Saying what can't be said: Israel has been defeated – a total defeat (

We’ve lost. Truth must be told. The inability to admit it encapsulates everything you need to know about Israel’s individual and mass psychology. There’s a clear, sharp, predictable reality that we should begin to fathom, to process, to understand and to draw conclusions from for the future. It’s no fun to admit that...


The more the mouthpieces shout that “we’re winning,” the clearer it is that we’re losing. Lying is their craft. We need to get used to that. Life is less secure than before October 7. The beating we took will sting for years to come. The international ostracism won’t go away. And, of course, the dead won’t be coming back. Nor will many of the hostages.

We have to make it clearer than ever that this rightwing fantasy of subjugation of a population to genocidal conditions doesn’t fulfill any aims to stop terrorism whatsoever.


Yeah it’s a long HQ video so it takes a while for YouTube to process, wait a week and see.


Soon, titty recommendation-free Google accounts could be a hot commodity.


“Small government” Alberta small enough to squeeze itself into any issue it wants?


That’s an awesome initiative! I can’t wait and hopefully we can fight against the telecom oligopolies who will be trying to restrict independent movements from getting access to the data exchanges.


Absolutely funny move… if only Musk hadn’t cut large swaths of the team that could forsee these issues and patch them preemptively.


It doesn’t make sense to push for anyone smart but it’s the equivalent mistake as forgetting to check “Whole Word Only” on your Find and Replace function.

Rentlar, (edited )

If we took over:

  • Canadian Northwest
  • Midwest Canada
  • Canadifornia
  • Texarcanada
  • Louisicanada
  • Land of Canadians that don’t like snow
  • District of Canadambia
  • Michican
  • New York, but British again
  • Newer Brunswick

“Now Mexico”/“México Ahora”


Mr. Salehpour is going to need an independent 24/7 security detail lest the same fate befall him as Mr. Barnett


I sympathize for you. I suggest for you to block users you find toxic.


Thank you very much, @bloodfart for bringing the troll’s perspective to the site!


“We are doing everything we can to encourage the Israelis to open more land routes [for aid] and to separate the Palestinian people from Hamas,” Austin added. “Failure to do so will create more terrorists.”

Failure for the US to reprimand Israel’s genocide-like actions will also create more terrorists.


We can see that Roe v. Wade isn’t the finish line for the anti-abortion Republicans. The complete federal ban on abortion with no exceptions whatsoever (maybe except for themselves or their friends) is the true goal.

People sporting a uterus: Vote like your lives depend on it!

Everyone else: Vote like your wife, daughters, sisters and mothers’ lives depend on it!


It’s not real journalism unless you can use the word “slam” in your headline.

He Faces Execution. His Lawyers May Have Earned Less Than $4 an Hour. (

After [Brian] Dorsey confessed to killing his cousins Sarah and Ben Bonnie with a shotgun in 2006, Missouri paid two lawyers $12,000 each to defend him. If they had worked 3,557 hours — the average time spent by defense lawyers in death penalty cases, according to a 2010 report commissioned by the federal courts — they would...


I am in Missouri, there ain’t nobody who can comfort me…

  • totally Bruno Mars

Taking your car would be even more convenient if you also had convenient alternatives to driving, to spread out the traffic load.


In Canada the way to work around 2FA SMS is to have mobile data roaming off with roaming on, (then switch your sim card to your home number). The incoming text messages and leaving incoming calls ignored won’t charge you. It will only charge if you use any mobile data at all, send a text, SMS, MMS message, make any call (including to voicemail) or accept any call (some charge for rejecting a call but won’t if you let it timeout on its own).


Cash register opening

Coins dropping

Bill counting machine running

Cheques tearing

Bag of coins landing

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