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FTC to refund $1.25 million to those tricked by LASIK surgery chain. Here's how to file a claim (

Nearly 160,000 Americans could be eligible for a refund if misled by the nation’s biggest LASIK chain, which advertised the surgery for as little $300 an eye, even though most consumers would not qualify for that price, the Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday....

In California, faceoff between major insurer and health system shows hazards of consolidation (

For weeks, more than half a million Anthem Blue Cross enrollees who receive health care from the University of California were held in suspense. It wasn’t clear whether they would have to find new doctors or switch plans as the health system and one of its largest insurance partners struggled to reach agreement on a new...

The complicated connections between weight loss drugs and mental health (

Mental illness can cause or worsen obesity, and obesity can cause or worsen mental illness. As an endocrinologist (Jody) and a psychiatrist (Karen), we know this connection better than most people, so we have long checked in with each other to help our mutual patients. Until recently, a quick curbside chat would do, asking,...

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