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Wow, my first post on KBIN! Watch me screw it up somehow.

I'm going to try to bring up a KBIN server tomorrow (emphasize on "try"). I've somehow managed to get Mastodon, Calckey and Peerview servers going using just enough knowledge to be dangerous, and I've amazed myself.

The KBIN documentation for building a server is bare bones so I hope I can figure out what to do.

Has anyone stood up a KBIN server and do you have any tips, warnings, advice?


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@Jerry Hey, I'm working on a guide for admins, but it's been hard for me to focus on it in the past few days. A lot is happening ;) I'll try my best to make sure I update and verify the by the end of today, which will describe the very basic steps to create your own instance. Actually, it's a piece of cake ;)

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@ernest Thank you! Would it be possible to add some information on using an S3 bucket for storage, if it's possible to do so?

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