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@testing Can you repeat your tests regarding tags between kbin and other instances? It should be significantly better ;)

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thank you! tags from kbin do federate on microblogging fedi - kbin users should use the the tags section rather than the text body though

  1. i also had a look at friendica; sadly, friendica seems not to be capable to pick up tagged posts from kbin > see e.g. > tried my luck at several friendica instances, and every time: no content from kbin

  2. tags in kbin threads do not display on kbin pwa, e.g. > on microblogging fedi platforms, i can see three tags: kbin, fediverse, and kbinDevlog for the magazine > with kbin pwa, neither kbin nor fediverse show up

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@testing Thanks for the summary. I will check those cases.

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