TransSynthesist, avatar

This is from a Zelda game


How are they staying in there? Is there like a ledge or something for them to stand on?


suction feet


Secret underground koopa society.








? I barely know her


Omg. Do you remember when you could download the freaking screensaver for that? I remember you could push some keys on the keyboard while the screensaver was up to make the 3 frogs say Bud-Wise-Er. Dumbest shit ever, but damn those were good times.


Ngl, frogspotting would be a nice name for a community here


Or a band


Pink drunken elephants would also be a neat band name


A musical army


They have awakened.

The dawn of frogs is nigh.

Prepare your soul, mortals.

For thy shall be no more.


The Secret Sacred Order of The Chimes will come to order.

Our first item is: Ribbit. All in favor?

(ribbit / ribbit / ribbit / ribbit)


First thing that came to my mind. Such a good game

samus12345, avatar
captain_aggravated, avatar

Dammit you beat me to it.


“Frog singing” is a very sweet way to refer to ribbits/croaks.


Some of them chirp/peep!

Sanctus, avatar

The Frog Clergy of The Chime. For the past one thousand years, The Clergy has kept the innards of each chime clean and oiled. Dutifully they rise each day and clean the gnats from the surrounding air. Like clockwork, they croak the midday prayer in unison with the chirpping chimes. Each one exactly a half-step above the frog to their right. Citizens from across the lands make pilgrimage just to hear the holy ribbits reverberate through the rungs.


NGL I’d join this cult

Bishma, avatar

I’d just try to be a nice landlord and remove the wind catcher… or maybe the frogs like the chiming 🤷‍♂️

BertramDitore, avatar

Ugh people who put up wind chimes outside their apartment where all their neighbors have no choice but to hear them, drive me freaking crazy. Noise that is soothing and pretty to some people, is grating and disruptive to other people.

That said, this is super cute and I want to hear what it sounds like!


I can’t stand most wind chimes and my father-in-law loves them.

That said, I was at a friend’s house and he had some chimes that were deeper with some sort of wooden or ceramic resonance and I absolutely loved them.

They helped me understand what others like about them.

LazaroFilm, avatar

Oooh! Baritone chimes. I want to hear those. DOGOOOOOONG


I do like the deeper ones. I saw a set once where the largest was about 5 or 6 feet tall and 8-12" diameter.

Transporter_Room_3, avatar

I made some wind-chimes out of thick electric conduit one year for mothers day.

Larger diameter and length made for deeper sound, and by simply wrapping a rubber band near one of the resonance points you can greatly reduce excess noise until you reach desired levels of reverb.

I’d like to make a deeper set someday but I’d have to put it on some kind of timer so I can flip a switch, have it chime away for an hour, and then go quiet again.

I like them, but in limited amounts. And I can’t stand high pitched ones.

agent_flounder, avatar

Sweet. I have dreamed of making a low freq set for a while. Maybe a retirement project idk. If I go too low that would probably be really obnoxious without sound deadening. Hate to have people’s dishes vibrating down the street lol


Could’ve been Koshi wind chimes or just good old bamboo if the sound was wooden.


I’ve never heard anyone else say that but I 100% agree.


I feel you. My current next door neighbor has wind chimes out in their patio. Fortunately they’re the heavy kind so they don’t really make noise unless the wind is a bit strong.


This is why I want a wind pipe organ that works like a wind powered flute

_Gandalf_the_Black_, avatar

It depends on whether or not they’d let me in

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