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Hey, some of those are polestones, and are perfectly capable of storing Stormlight! Just gotta wait for the next hightstorm


Speaking of, when does lemmy get cremposting?



Why’s it missing the c? Who knows!


Because the full address would be So the c is already there.


Ah, but you’ll almost always see links like !memes - so it doesn’t work as well as it did on Reddit


Just started the second book, damn good so far!

bandario, avatar

It is brilliant but god damn he needs an editor who will stand up to him. I have stagnated on book 2 after about 5 chapters of tangential world building for some future part of the story. By the time I get there, I won’t remember those 5 chapters.


I'm around halfway through part 1 of book 2, I can't put it down, I can't say I agree tbh lol.

bandario, avatar

Wait for it. It’s coming. A jump into another city somewhere with no explanation and a whole bunch of new characters you haven’t been introduced to. Like a story within a story within a story. I thought my toddler must have been playing with my ebook reader and skipped me to the next book.

tox_solid, avatar

Kelek’s breath man, when is the last time you ever heard of a highstorm outside of Roshar?

TheHighRoad, avatar

I was in Sedona, AZ, and I witnessed what I can only call a church service about crystals. Interesting place.


Have you tried eating any of those before posting this?


ickplant, avatar

It’s really hard to argue with superb logic and science like this.

GreenCrush, avatar

They look cool… But that’s about it.

ickplant, avatar

“Dilute it and shake it, then dilute it again. Then shake it and dilute it again.”


Then stick em in a stew


Incorrect. Fluorite is made of calcium fluoride. You can mix that shit with some sulfuric acid and make poison acid gas. Don’t do this though, it definitely won’t cure autism or help you pray the gay away. Hydrogen fluoride is like the complete polar opposite of magical healing powers.

creditCrazy, avatar

It’s magical hurting powers however sadly using these powers are forbidden by the geneva council after the first wizard war

ickplant, avatar

If poison acid gas doesn’t cure my gay, nothing will…


well, it does cure your gay, in addition to curing everything else that comes along with life

ickplant, avatar

A permanent cure for life… I like it.


I have a lapis lazuli rock the size of a child’s fist on my desk at home. It’s a beautiful rock and I’m happy it doesn’t do shit


I built my entire base out of lapis because idk what else to do with all of it

Stilicho, (edited )

Fetid fluorite will sometimes give off pure fluorine, which is the exact opposite of healing, but I think it’s cool though as I normally only get to breathe the fumes of the organic solvents at my lab. I would love to have perfluorinated lungs, so I myself can become the forever chemical.


Devil’s advocate time: the placebo effect is incredibly powerful, and for many people it’s all that’s needed.


In some cases, yes. Hiccup cures are all placebo, but the placebo effect is all you need to cure hiccups anyway, so in that case they’re just as good as a real cure would be if one existed.

But for something more serious where the placebo effect isn’t enough, it could be actively dangerous if someone chooses the placebo over real treatment.


So you are saying that paying money to a scammer for a magical rock is a reasonable alternative to seeing a doctor. Also there are different types of placebo effects:…/how-well-do-you-understan…


Never thought of it that way! Good thought.


I’m all for this but it’s a slippery slope. People seem to go from using a crystal to get over a small psychological road block to thinking that vaccines cause autism real quick.


What about the healing powers of enjoying yourself with a hobby like collecting a bunch of minerals and just looking at them?

Surely, having a hobby can improve some people’s mental health.


That depends. Is your hobby overrun by charletans using your ignorant faith in easily disproven claims to sell false promises of a better life? Because not only is that detrimental to your mental and financial health, but it is bad for society as a whole as it erodes trust in science and knowledge itself.

People who like shiny crystals decorating their homes aren’t a problem. People who spend money they don’t have on magic because government doctors are trying to put chips in your brain are a real and existential problem.


Actually, that’s not true. Fluorite has a slight healing power for your teeth.

ickplant, avatar

Ok, fuck, you got me. Now I have to admit that crystals do have healing power.


Also Quartz is used extensively in electronics, including medical devices that help people with healing or managing their ailments.

creditCrazy, avatar

Florite the magic Cristal of dental hygien and quartz the magic Cristal of electricity


Crystals that exhibit piezo powers also get my stove lit.

HeyThisIsntTheYMCA, avatar



𝓓𝓸𝓮𝓼𝓷’𝓽 𝓭𝓸 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓽

FlyingSquid, avatar

Some of them do shit. Specifically, exploit the impoverished adults and children who mine them so that rich Westerners can wear them.…/are-crystals-the-new-blood-diam…

MoltenBoron, avatar

Obsidian isn’t even a crystal…


Neither is lapis. Like come on, rock is literally in the name people


Jesus Christ, they’re minerals Marie!

ArchmageAzor, avatar

Uranium will affect your aura by misaligning your chakras

Da_Boom, avatar

Under the right conditions it will also misalign your skin with your body.

Never underestimate the potential face melting power of angry Rocks.

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