I know this has been said many times, but the fact that this clown was actually President of the USA makes me doubt the sanity of humanity.

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Was and might actually be again.


No, there’s no way it’ll ever happen. If he’s even on the ballot, liberals will come out of the woodworks to vote for Biden. It also doesn’t help that RFKJr is stealing a sizable amount of votes from the Republican party as well.

IchNichtenLichten, (edited )
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I hope so. If Trump is attracting former Biden voters in enough numbers for him to win, I want off this ridiculous rock.


“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” Also, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”. Carlin of course.


"none of us is as dumb as all of us"


I was curious, so i googled. I could find a mention that this quote could never be positively connected to Carlin even though (speciallu on facebook) people shared this quote. It most.likely is a wrong one.



Lol just go watch “life is worth losing”

Google doesn’t work if you’re an idiot.


That’s what the world told itself last time….


Uncle Bernie to the rescue!

Steeve, (edited )

No it isn’t, tons of people predicted it when the democratic party pushed for Hilary Clinton when democrat voters wanted Bernie Sanders.

Edit: No, this isn’t some propaganda conspiracy people, this actually happened. Lawsuits confirmed it, but they were subsequently thrown out because the DNC’s charter of impartiality was determined to be a political promise, not something enforceable by court. But even before the email leak, anyone who was following the DNC primary knew what was happening long before the email leak, they didn’t try to hide it.

schmidtster, (edited )

And that’s how propaganda works folks.


The propaganda is it being leaked, who said conspiracy…?

Also, that very likely wouldn’t have made a difference in the end result, without that discourse they would have found another avenue.

I’m sorry the propaganda worked so well on you, you now even defending it!

Steeve, (edited )

You’re going to have to be more specific there

Edit: lmao am I crazy here, what does any of this have to do with propaganda? Or did I just go against Lemmy’s doomer circlejerk again


For one thing, telling yourself something doesn’t mean you don’t understand that it can and may still happen.

The best part of propaganda is when you don’t even understand that’s what it is.


What does this have to do with my comment? You’re the one that said the “world told itself” something. I’m saying it didn’t.


The world told itself even though they knew the USA was stupid enough to do it anyways.

Your entire comment could have been a campaign by the opposition to sow discontent to do exactly what you claim it did. We will never know for sure, but it sure as hell has propaganda written all over it.


No, that actually happened. We all watched it happen in realtime, emails were leaked confirming it, but by that time we all already knew what was happening.

This isn’t some crazy conspiracy by the way, lawsuits confirmed there was a clear DNC bias, but they were dismissed because the DNC argued it was their right to choose a candidate and the impartiality in their charter was determined to be a political promise, not something enforceable in court.


Leaked by the Russians which are backed by republicans… yeah reaks of propaganda lmfao.

Propaganda comes in many forms, as I said, the best kind is the kind you don’t even understand is happening.

Thanks for making my point so well!


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The emails came at a shit time for the DNC for sure, maybe the Republicans were involved, maybe they weren’t, but that’s irrelevant because this actually happened. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it isn’t propaganda, this is a bed the DNC made for themselves.

Imo it wouldn’t have made a difference, everyone watching knew what was happening before the email leak, but obviously we’ll never know for sure.

schmidtster, (edited )

The propaganda is it being leaked, who said conspiracy…?

Also, that very likely wouldn’t have made a difference in the end result, without that discourse they would have found another avenue.

I’m sorry the propaganda worked so well on you, you now even defending it!

Edit, what do you think propaganda is? Do you think it has be exclusively made up or something?


Can you describe what you think the leak of those emails being was trying to achieve, from a propaganda perspective?


The information in it was used by republicans to show how the DNC can’t choose its own leader, so why should they be trusted to run the government.

It’s not what I think, it’s the tactic they actually used.


That edit is absolutely embarrassing. Is your team winning really more important than democracy? It’s “propaganda” when real emails proving bias are leaked because it was your preferred political party? Come on.

schmidtster, (edited )

Team…? What are you on?

Yes leaking private e-mail exchanges to gain political advantage is textbook propaganda, what else would it be…?

My apologies that you assumed “conspiracy” in my comments that was just talking about the factual leak, that the republicans used to their advantage. Without that propaganda they would have found or made more. This really isn’t a difficult concept, once you stop assuming “conspiracy”… since that was not even once mentioned until you did……


Some mod want to explain why my comments were removed for “misinformation” for sharing the DNC email leak showing bias against Bernie Sanders?


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TOS violation for spreading misinformation on elections.


Would you like to explain exactly which aspect of my comment that stated, with evidence, that this event actually happened is misinformation? An event that absolutely happened and there’s not even anyone denying it happened including the DNC themselves?


I take nothing for granted with this clown. The fact that he’s still a free man in the first place makes me weary of his impact on the future.

I hope he loses. Or better gets hit by a car before election time. But if he makes it to the ballot and his name is on the paper in November. He’s a threat.


Weary = tired

Wary = cautious



Both are apt here I think.


sudo apt update

sudo apt install functional-government

… Sorry I’ve been learning Linux this past week


Package not found: functional-government

Did you mean: anarchy from people-are-tired (universe)


Dependency not found: democracy.cfg


Careful with this dependency resolution. I predict lots of conflicts.



Swim, (edited )

leery adjective ˈlir-ē variants or less commonly leary Synonyms of leery : SUSPICIOUS, WARY —often used with of leery of strangers She seemed a little leery of the proposal.


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Yeah, I remember the last time there was no chance in hell he'd be elected.

I won't hold my breath.


They ran Hilary Clinton against him, that was a lot of the problem. Just as unlikable and abrasive.




Yet Haley and De Santis could make it close against Biden in swing states according to a NYT/Siena poll. Never underestimate human beings potential for stupidity and or shooting itself in the foot.


A poll out today shows 307 electoral votes for Trump.


Who was the poll through though?


Plus the various psychological warfare / trolling campaigns by Russia and China.


Sanity of Americans*

@Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

The popular vote tells a better story than the electoral map, but yeah, the ones that can leave easily, should. I did.


The rest of the world is trending towards American insanity, though.

The UN should have walled us off after he was elected.


Nah, when I see what’s going on here in Europe… These may not be such obvious jokes, but this stupid and dangerous right-wing propaganda, which seems to be gaining momentum everywhere, is frightening.


It only works because more liberal politicians aren’t helping people anymore. Embracing authoritarians is an incorrect response to the correct assessment that the West in general is backsliding. We are collectively putting the interests of the wealthy above the interest of our citizens. Some countries are just further down the path than others.


[I’m not advocating large scale violence]

The worst part is I don’t see any way for it to reasonably stop outside of large scale violence.

And, the side who would need to revolt are the less likely side to resort to those methods, so I see things getting much worse before they get better.


Agreed. While it’s currently bad for a lot of people in a lot of places I think it’s going to have to be more widespread before we hit the breaking point.


The fact that over 74 million people voted for a literal monster in 2020 is what made me doubt it.

Also, the fact that there are women and non-whites who vote republican.


Fox told 'em to


Some people have different priorities or ways of thinking, and this can cause them to conclude that the Republican candidate is the best option sometimes, without being malicious.

I don’t vote Republican, for the record, but such people are out there. Otherwise it wouldn’t be such a major party (unless you think nearly half the US is malicious.)


Hey, don’t lump the rest of us in with the USA.


It was a huge shock to us all, all around the world, watching him go from attempting to run for president of the U.S., to actually attaining it. The best thing I can say for it, is that it shows that Americans have a genuine hunger for change. If it could just be directed in a productive way…

@treadful@lemmy.zip avatar

That’s a very positive way of putting it. I appreciate it.


As a non-American, I concede that reading his Twitter meltdowns and hearing is asinine takes was extremely funny for the first 3 weeks. Then it just got sad.

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It’s amazing what happens to this guy’s whole shtick when he’s not surrounded by a room full of pandering buffoons.


Is there no contempt of court for lying?
What happened after this?
(I know the answer is probably ‘nothing’)


Lying in court is perjury, which is a criminal offense.

That being said, making a mistake on something like a date is a valid defense. Trump immediately recanting gives him a good way to claim mistake.

There’s more value to prosecution to make him seem deceptive and stupid than wasting more time with something like a super weak case for perjury. You also don’t want to give them more ways to draw out and delay the process.


Dude finally gets a job and doesn’t remember when he lost it

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But Biden has dementia?


Even if this were true, I’d vote for a banana peel over Trump because at least the banana peel won’t do anything to dismantle election integrity.

@Riccosuave@lemmy.world avatar

I think I am developing dementia from how much stupid bullshit has been involuntarily implanted in my brain over the last 8-ish years of politics in the United States. I honestly think I am dumber and more apathetic than I was before 2016, and that is scary because I actually do give a shit about the progression of our species.


The change you’ve noticed is the realization that there’s absolutely nothing we can do to stop the insanity.


So stupid… the thing that really gets me is it isn’t a new thing, he was always this stupid. Which means they’re are way too many people dumber than him which is fucking scary.


He wasn’t, though. If you look at his interviews in the early 2000s it’s like watching a different person.

He was still a pompous piece of shit idiot, but he absolutely has had an extreme cognitive decline over the past decade (probably from amphetamine abuse).

If I had to guess, I’d say he was in the mid stages of dementia with one foot over the advanced line.


Even that leaked audio at the start of covid when he said it was worse than a virulent flu. He knew what was going on.


I’ve seen his interviews for the last 40 odd years. Do you recall when he claimed he lived in a cardboard box on the streets of NY until someone gave him a $5 bill which he then built his fortune on? In reality he got several million from his father and never had lived on the street. Believe me, he has never once lived in the same reality as anyone else.


I’m sure the qcumbers ate this up


Fox: “I was so busy.” He’s so busy!

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